Do You Tip Dog Sitters?

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You’re going out of town, and need someone to look after your pet. But you don’t know how much (if anything) to tip. So, do you tip dog sitters?

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People who care for pets are undervalued by society in general, but they deserve a nice tip just like any other service provider. I recommend tipping 15-20% on top of the cost of services rendered. This will help ensure that your sitter is happy with their work and keeps coming back! Learn more.

You're going out of town, and need someone to look after your pet. But you don't know how much (if anything) to tip. So, do you tip dog sitters?

Do You Tip Dog Sitters?

So, how much do you tip dog sitters? It can be tough to determine when to give a tip for dog sitting, but if you follow these guidelines, you should find yourself with the perfect amount of cash in your wallet.

  • If your pet will be alone for 1-2 hours only, no tip is necessary at all.
  • If your pet will be left alone overnight or over an extended period of days, 10 percent is fine.
  • For a multi-day vacation, double this percentage.

In general, the amount you should tip is fairly subjective and varies based on a variety of factors.

Remember, though, that this is just meant to be helpful advice. If you are feeling generous during a particular bout of dog sitting, by all means, give your pet sitter more than what these guidelines dictate — or give them something else entirely if you can’t afford to tip money!

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Should I tip the dog sitter?

If you’re asking yourself do you tip dog sitters, take the following questions into consideration:

Did the pet sitter come to your house on their own time or was this part of their job? If they came at a convenient time for both of you and only had to walk next door to pet sit at your house, it’s probably fine to tip them a bit less. If this was something their boss asked them to do and they’re spending a fair amount of time in the process, you may want to grab some cash for a tip.

How well do you feel that the pet sitter communicated with you? If they were great at keeping in touch beforehand and gave you timely updates about your pet, don’t be afraid to tip them more money. This will help them continue to get the job next time their services are required, but it’s also a sign of appreciation

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When should you tip a dog sitter?

While there are no hard and fast rules, these are situations where pet sitters are most commonly tipped. 

  • If you have a high-maintenance pet.
  • When they need to give medication.
  • If frequent walks are required.
  • When you’re asking them to do anything else (water plants, get the mail, etc.)
  • If you use them frequently.
  • When they provide outstanding service.

If you’ve received special services (such as walking your dog when it would be difficult for you to do so yourself or taking in mail and newspapers), then feel free to tip a bit extra. This is the time that these sorts of things are most appreciated!

You're going out of town, and need someone to look after your pet. But you don't know how much (if anything) to tip. So, do you tip dog sitters?

What are the benefits of tipping a dog sitter?

If you use a certain pet sitter regularly, a tip helps to ensure they are willing to come back when you need them. And, it ensures that your pet will have consistent care from the same person each time you travel. Pets can form a bond this way more easily.

Tipping a service-industry worker is sometimes done as a way to express gratitude to them for their good service. Tipping can also be used as an economic incentive for their continued work.

It’s a regular part of U.S. culture to tip your server at a restaurant or bar, and it’s become common practice to tip your hairstylist, taxi driver, doorman, tour guide, limousine driver, and more.

So, do you tip dog sitters? There’s no need to stress about pet sitting tipping. If you think that a tip would be appropriate, do not be afraid to reach into your wallet and pull out some cash.

And, remember, that you can always give a small gift for your pet sitter as well.

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