Easy Dog Crafts for the Whole Family

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Check out these easy dog crafts to make and sell. Your family dog will love receiving any of these gifts. I’ve even included a few paper plate crafts younger children will enjoy.

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Rolling pin and dog bone cookies cutters.

Easy Dog Crafts to Make and Sell

Dog lovers enjoy giving their furry friend a special gift for the holidays. So if you are crafty and love dogs, you may also want to make some dog craft ideas to sell at a local craft fair.

There are lots of dog crafts that are very easy to make and don’t require any special skills. So, they make an excellent gift for your four-legged friend.

So, if you want Christmas dog crafts, why not make a batch of dog treats.

a dog leash and a blanket on the counter

Best crafts for dog lovers

First, here are a few dog craft ideas that adults can make. Older kids may be able to help with supervision. Finally, if you want a dog craft for younger kids, keep scrolling for some super cute kid crafts.

1. Personalized Dog Collar: Make a collar for your pet using colored ribbons, fabric scraps, and other decorative materials. You can add an embroidered patch with the dog’s name or initials for a personalized touch. Try this one.

2. Dog Treat Jars: Decorate empty mason jars with washi tape, paint, or ribbon. Add a label with the type of dog treats, and it’s ready to sell. This is a great craft if you also make dog treats. This one is so cute.

3. Dog Bandanas: Hand-sew fabric dog bandanas in various sizes for different dog breeds, or purchase premade ones that can be decorated.

4. Dog Leashes: Buy a colorful paracord and use a simple technique to create dog leashes in any length or width. So, check out this nylon rope dog leash.

5. Dog Toys: Sew fabric toys with stuffing and fabric scraps. Or make felt toys like bones and paw prints that can be sewn together quickly. This snuffle ball is a fun idea.

Check out this DIY dog slow feeder bowl you can make to help your dog eat slower. This dog bowl is great for mental stimulation and for improving eating habits.

6. Dog Bowls: Take an old bowl and give it a new life with some paint or decoupage. Add the dog’s name to make it extra special. This is a very easy craft for the whole family.  Or check out this DIY slow feeder dog bowl.

7. Dog Houses: Use scrap wood or cardboard to build your own indoor or outdoor doghouses. However, you will need woodworking skills for this.

8. Dog Clothing: Sew your dog clothing such as raincoats, sweaters, or coats. You can also purchase premade clothes and add custom touches with appliques, embroidery, and other decorations. Get started here.

a small dog on a simple new so dog bed

Easy dog crafts for kids

So, if you’re looking for easy dog crafts for kids, here are some kids’ activities to get them started:

1. Fleece Dog Blankets: So, kids of all ages can make a soft fleece dog blanket in just a few steps. They need two pieces of coordinating fleece, scissors, and a bit of ribbon. 

2. Pet Pillows: Use fabric scraps, old t-shirts, and stuffing to make pet pillows. These are easy for kids to make and add fun designs with markers or fabric paint. Older children can learn to use the sewing machine.

3. Pet Bandanas: Let the kids get creative with fabric scraps. They can make simple dog bandanas in any size or style worn by cats and dogs.

Check out these easy dog crafts to make and sell. Your family dog will love receiving any of these gifts. I've even included a few paper plate crafts younger children will enjoy.

4. Dog Collar Charms: Let the older kids get creative with jewelry supplies to make personalized charms for their pet’s collar. Just be sure they are pet safe.

5. Dog Treat Jars: Have the kids decorate mason jars with paint and stickers to create colorful treat containers for their pets. They can also make paw-print labels or write a message. This idea is easy peasy, but older kids will enjoy it too! 

6 Dog Treats: Make a batch of homemade dog treats and store them in a treat jar. Your little doggie will love them. 

paper plate dog craft

Paper plate crafts for younger children

So, younger kids may be unable to help with these dog crafts. Most of these dog crafts for kids require scissor skills. But even toddlers can make a cute paper plate dog, paper bag puppet, or toilet paper roll craft.

Kids love easy crafts, so let them make one of these dog crafts for kids while you work on something more challenging. If you want pet crafts for preschool, I hope they’ll enjoy these.

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Supplies for dog crafts for kids

So, you will need these supplies to make these dog crafts for kids:

  • Paper plates
  • Toilet paper rolls or a cardboard tube
  • Construction paper in different shapes and colors
  • Fun googly eyes and pom poms
  • Pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks

Then, you can find supplies like construction paper and pom poms at your local craft store. And you will need to stock up on toilet paper rolls and paper plates to make a few puppy crafts.

These dog crafts for kids also work as a birthday party activity. Finally, check out the Red Ted Art book for more ideas.

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Try these dog crafts for younger kids.

Finally, here are a few super easy crafts for little kids.

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