Kitty Crafts Everyone Will Love

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Check out these kitty crafts for cat lovers. Here are my favorite DIY cat crafts for your pet and a few fun preschool cat craft ideas.

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Kitty Crafts

If you love cats, you’ll want to make a few of these adorable cat crafts. If you have preschoolers, let them join in on the fun with the crafts for kids I’ve shared below.

There are so many cute cat crafts that I had a difficult time choosing my favorites to share with you. I decided to include a few cat-themed crafts for older kids as well as for preschoolers. You can never have too many cute cat crafts!

Cat crafts for your furry friends

Making gifts for our pet cats is a great way to show them how much we love and appreciate them. It’s also an enjoyable activity that allows us to be creative and have fun with our furry friends.

Not only does it allow us to express our affection for our cats, but it can also provide hours of entertainment as we watch them explore their new toys or play in their handmade cat house. Making homemade gifts for your pet cats is not only rewarding, but it can be therapeutic too. Creating something special just for your beloved feline will bring joy both to you and your furry friend!

Cat pillow

Your cat will enjoy their own cat pillow. If you love creating gifts for your kitties, this is the cat’s meow. You can change the fabric to go along with your home decor.

Get your free pattern here.

Adorable cat bookmarks

I love these adorable cat bookmarks! You can make cat faces on paint chip bookmarks. Check out the full directions and grab a package of paint chips here.

This is a fun craft for the whole family. It could easily be created by preschoolers or bigger kids. You could easily add googly eyes if you want to.

a girl wearing a cat ear headband

DIY cat ear headband

Who wouldn’t love to wear these cute cat ears? The kids will love wearing these cute cat ears. All you need is construction paper and a few basic craft supplies. Get the directions here.

Kitty Nap Box

Your cat will appreciate a special place to call their own. Make this DIY cat nap box with a few basic supplies. This is an easy craft that is perfect for a rainy day.

Check out the easy way you can decorate this cute cat nap box.

cork cat toys with yellow feathers on a blue rug

Cork cat toy

Cats love to play and explore, so why not give them something special with a homemade cork cat toy? This easy-to-make craft is perfect for cats of all ages.

Not only will your kitty be entertained for hours, but they’ll also have a new toy that’s safe and stimulating. The best part about this craft is that it doesn’t require any expensive materials or tools – just some recycled corks from wine bottles!

With just a few basic steps, you can make an exciting toy for your feline friend that they’re sure to enjoy. Get the directions for this cork cat toy.

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Paper bag cat puppet

Making a paper bag cat puppet is an easy and fun craft! You just need a paper bag, some markers, and some basic craft supplies.

Get the free template and learn how to make this great craft for little fingers. This is one of my favorite crafts for kids. Your child will love it. Find it here.

Paper plate cats

This paper plate cat craft is so much fun! If you enjoy cat crafts for kids then you’ll want to make this cute cat today. This is perfect for little ones to create.

You will need paper plates, paint, glue, and a few basic supplies. Find out how to make the cutest cat craft right here.

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Clay cat

This gorgeous DIY cat slab project is a cat craft bigger kids and adults will enjoy making. The artist Laurel Burch was the inspiration for this home decor project.

Find out how to make it here and get the free printable template.

Toilet paper roll cat craft

This is a great way to recycle those toilet paper rolls and turn them into something fun for your cat. Get the directions for this adorable kitty craft here.

Use black paint or black construction paper to make a black cat. This is one of my favorite easy cat crafts for kindergarteners.

Ribbon wand cat toy

This adorable cat craft will give your cat hours of fun! You can create this cute craft with different colors of ribbon and some basic craft supplies. Older kids could easily help with this DIY cat toy. Get the directions here.

Kids and cat lovers alike will enjoy a few of these year-round cat crafts. Happy Crafting!

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