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Finding the Right Vet for Your Pet Rabbit

Finding a vet for your pet rabbit

Are you wondering how to find the right vet for your pet rabbit? If you currently have pet rabbits or are considering bringing rabbits into your home, you should have a relationship with a good veterinarian who is very familiar with treating domestic rabbits. Because not all vets do treat rabbits or know how to …

Are Rabbits Good Pets for Children?

rabbit in a hutch

Are rabbits good pets for children? If you’re considering buying a rabbit to be a family pet, you should know that very young children are not usually good companions for rabbits. We usually think of rabbits as cute, fluffy pets. And, they are. But, they’re not particularly good with children, and kids are not particularly …

Caring For Your Pet Rabbits for Beginners

Caring For Your Pet Rabbits for Beginners

Wondering about caring for your pet rabbits? If you’re considering getting a rabbit as a family pet, you are probably concerned about caring for your rabbit and making sure that it is healthy, happy and safe. You understand that you are taking on a living being, for its entire lifespan, and that you are responsible …