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So, you want to get a pet rabbit, but don’t know what breed is best for your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know about the best pet rabbit breed.

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There are so many different breeds of rabbits and each one has its own personality. It can be hard to figure out which breed will fit into your life best.

black and white rabbit on a grey blanket

Best Pet Rabbit Breed

Check out this in-depth guide on the different kinds of rabbits that are available today. I’ll help you understand the pros and cons of each breed, their personalities, how much time they need from you, and how large they grow as adults. Find the perfect rabbit for your home!

The type of animal and its temperament will depend on your individual wants, needs, and preferences. There are four main breeds-American, Holland Lop, French Lop, and Belgian Hare. The one you choose will depend on your taste and living situation. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each breed so you can find the perfect pet for you!

On a side note, it is very important to research what the personalities of these bunnies may be like before buying one. While they all differ in their appearances and commonality, you’ll want to know how much time this bunny will need from you on a daily basis. Setting realistic expectations here will help your new pet feel comfortable in his or her new home.

Hopefully, this advice will be helpful to anyone looking for a new pet!

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American Rabbit Breed

The most commonly bought rabbit today is the American. They are also called “New Zealand Whites” since they originated from New Zealand. These rabbits have profound personalities and can become very attached to their owners if raised properly.

If you do not dedicate time to these rabbits, they may become very resentful and show it through behavior such as biting or excessive scratching. Do your research before purchasing one!

These bunnies can be quite large as adults-the males will reach near ten pounds while the females are typically smaller at about six pounds. These animals are social and enjoy human companionship. They are also very active indoors. And, they often prefer to spend their time hopping around the house rather than laying down. Before buying one, make sure you have enough space for these animals to move about in.

These rabbits do not require too much grooming. Their fur is not prone to matting and they tend to stay clean on their own. However, they will need to be brushed every week or so. This will remove any excess fur that may have been shed during the previous few days.

Another thing to note is these rabbits love their pellets-so prepare for a hefty grocery bill. Rabbits are vegetarians and require about one cup of dry food per adult per day. These pellets should be purchased from a pet supply store since the ones you can buy at your local grocery store may not offer enough nutrition for these animals.

a brown lop ear rabbit

French Lop Rabbit Breed

A very friendly and soft-natured rabbit, the French lop is also one of the largest breeds of domesticated rabbits. These bunnies are very gentle and do not make good pets for households with small children or other animals that may pose a threat. If you were to get one, I would recommend getting two so they can keep each other company! The average weight of this breed is about eight pounds as adults.

The fur of this breed is very soft and curly, making them quite popular among owners. Depending on the care you give your rabbit, these fur strands can get a bit messy. If allowed to grow long enough, they will need to be brushed daily for up to an hour in order to keep their hair under control.

If you are looking for a great pet for a child, this isn’t the breed you want. They are quite sensitive and may show their displeasure through nipping or biting when they become upset. However, adults may find this an endearing trait-depending on how much time they spend with their rabbits!

This is one of the best pet rabbit breeds for adults who can give a lot of attention.

American Lop Rabbit Breed

One of the most popular breeds of domesticated rabbits is the American lop. These animals are very friendly and loyal companions if raised properly from a young age.

These bunnies have evolved to be quite large as adults, around nine pounds on average for males and six pounds for females. Their fur is thick and wooly, and they do not require much maintenance. These animals tend to stay quite clean if left on their own, but you may want to still give them a bath every once in a while for good measure.

American lops are very energetic and love lots of attention from their owners. They can become aggressive when they are younger and need proper socialization. They may also be a bit destructive when they are bored-be sure to provide them with lots of toys and things to chew on!

brown and white rabbit in the grass

Flemish Giant Rabbit 

The Flemish giant rabbit is the largest breed of domesticated rabbit-they are second only to the notorious Flemish giant bunny. As adults, males can reach up to 20 pounds while females typically weigh around 14 pounds. These animals require quite a bit of care and are often not recommended for first-time rabbit owners.

These rabbits have dense, wooly fur that may become a bit messy if it is allowed to grow long enough. If you do decide to let your bunny’s hair grow out like this, be sure to brush them regularly so their coats won’t tangle! These animals can live up to ten years if properly cared for, making them great pets for adults or families.

One thing to note about this breed-and any rabbit with long fur, in general, is they are prone to flystrike due to their long ears. When you take your bunny out, be sure the area around its
rear end is clean and free of debris so it doesn’t get dirty. If you notice anything unusual in this area or your rabbit is acting lethargic, bring them to a vet immediately!

Jersey Wooly

The Jersey wooly is one of the most popular breeds of domesticated rabbits and can be found in almost any pet store in the United States. Unlike other breeds, these bunnies have shorter fur and are not too active as adults.

As with all other rabbit breeds, males generally weigh more than females-around six pounds compared to four or five pounds for the ladies. The Jersey wooly is small enough to be a good companion for children but big enough to be a good companion for adults as well.

This is one of the best pet rabbit breeds for children.

Although they do not require much of an investment from their owners, these bunnies can sometimes be very moody and difficult to handle. If you are planning on raising one of these animals, keep in mind that they may nip if you do not show them proper affection and respect.

These are very intelligent bunnies and will not hesitate to show you their disapproval if they feel slighted. A lot of owners enjoy watching their Jersey wooly play with toys, which is a great way for them to spend some time outdoors without having to go far.

So, you want to get a pet rabbit, but don't know what breed is best for your lifestyle. Here's what you need to know about the best pet rabbit breed.


Tips for the best pet rabbit breed

Rabbits are one of the most popular household pets in America. They’re also very easy to care for and extremely loving creatures, making them a perfect pet choice for many families. However, there are several different breeds of rabbits that have unique personalities and temperaments depending on their size and coat type.

In order to make sure you find the best rabbit breed for your taste and lifestyle preferences, we recommend reading The Pocket Guide to 49 Essential Breeds before selecting a bunny as your next companion animal! It includes all sorts of interesting facts about each breed (including temperament!), which will help you determine what kind is best suited to your needs.

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