Best Betta Fish Food

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Betta fish are notoriously finicky eaters, and if you don’t feed them the right food they can get sick very quickly. Check out my thoughts on the best Betta fish food.

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Betta fish are notoriously finicky eaters, and if you don't feed them the right food they can get sick very quickly. Check out my thoughts on the best Betta fish food.

Best Betta Fish Food

The problem is that there’s a lot of conflicting information about what betta fish should eat. Some people say to only feed them live insects. Others say to give them high protein pellets. If you’re not careful it’s easy for your betta fish to end up eating the wrong thing and getting sick or even dying!

I’ve done all the research for you on what foods are best for your betta fish. So, you never have to worry again about whether or not their diet is balanced enough. Check out these options that will keep your pet happy and healthy no matter how picky they might be!

Betta Fish Diet: Live Insects

Live insects, like worms and crickets, are a great source of protein for your betta. But, there’s no way you can practically feed them to him every day. Buying live bugs is expensive and time-consuming. And, if the betta fish eats too many at once it can lead to bloating, constipation, or even death.

That’s why it’s recommended that betta fish eat live insects no more than once per week. To make this work you can either purchase a feeder insect culture and use it to breed your own supply, or you can buy crickets in bulk from your local pet store.


Feeding Betta Fish Live Insects

Live insects are being sold in pet stores. But, I think it’s best to breed your own supply. That way you know exactly what kind of nutritional value they have because you control the diet of the insects. Plus, this method is better for the environment. And, it can even be cheaper than buying crickets from a pet store!

Breeding Mealworms

You can start a mealworm colony very easily. All you need is a small container with a few inches of soil at the bottom and some rolled oats to feed them on top. You can also buy live mealworms.

Grasshoppers, Crickets, and Locusts

Crickets and grasshoppers are widely available at pet stores. The problem is that when you buy them in bulk the price can be anywhere from $0.20 to $0.50 each, which can add up very quickly if you want to feed live insects regularly! Because of this, I recommend using locusts instead because they’re cheaper than crickets.

Locusts are available in bulk for the same price as crickets, so it’s very cost-effective to buy a large amount and breed them at home. 

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Live Treats

If you don’t want to start a mealworm colony at home you can also buy live insects from your local pet store. I recommend that you feed your betta fish no more than 10 pieces of food per week and only give him as many live treats as he’ll eat in a few minutes.

This is because if the Betta fish eats too much at once, it could lead to bloating or constipation which can be deadly. So be careful and only give him as many treats as he’ll finish in a few minutes!

Betta Fish Diet: Freeze-Dried Insects

If you don’t want to spend the time and effort breeding mealworms or raising locusts yourself then I would recommend that you only feed your betta fish freeze-dried insects. You can buy these from most pet stores and they’re very cost-effective, plus I’ve found that betta fish are more likely to eat them than live food.

I recommend giving the Betta fish 5 freeze-dried treats per week, but never give him more than this because it can lead to constipation. Check out these freeze dried crickets.

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Betta Fish Diet: Algae-Based Shrimp Pellets

If your betta fish isn’t interested in live foods then you should try feeding him this algae-based shrimp pellet instead. It’s made from 100% pure shrimp. And, it is naturally high in protein, omega-3s, and other nutrients that betta fish need to stay healthy. This is the best and most balanced food you can give your betta. You should feed him a few pellets every day and try mixing it in with some freeze-dried insects for extra flavor.

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Betta Fish Diet: Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are ideal for your betta fish because they’re nutritious with very little fat. They’re also full of fiber and help keep his digestive system in good condition.

There’s a HUGE variety of different vegetables you can feed your betta fish, so it’s easy to find something he’ll love that’s healthy for him too! Peas are always a favorite choice.

Betta Fish Diet: Live Feeder Insects

Of course, no betta fish diet would be complete without mentioning live feeder insects! Your Betta fish will love using his teeth to crunch on a juicy grub or cricket, whether it’s one you’ve raised at home yourself or one you buy from your local pet store.

Betta Fish Diet: Frozen Bloodworms

If your betta fish needs some variety in his diet then I recommend that you give him frozen bloodworms occasionally. These are the larvae of mosquitoes and are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that betta fish need.

Frozen Bloodworms can be bought in blocks from most pet stores or you can find them online at a much cheaper price! Bear in mind though that they should only make up no more than 1% of his total diet (so about 5 pieces per week).

Betta fish are notoriously finicky eaters, and if you don't feed them the right food they can get sick very quickly. Check out my thoughts on the best Betta fish food.

Betta Fish Diet: The Verdict

As you can see your Betta fish is one very lucky betta because he has a wide variety of foods that he can eat! He loves live food but he’s also happy with freeze-dried insects, algae-based shrimp pellets, and even veggies! So don’t worry if you’re struggling to find the right food for your Betta fish because they’re extremely versatile and love pretty much everything.

As long as you only give him one or two of his favorite treats each week then he’ll be happy and healthy!

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