How to Start a Pet Sitting Business of Your Own

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For someone who loves animals, learning how to start a pet sitting business can be the first step towards owning a business that you love. Following these simple tips will get you on the way to a successful business or part-time job.

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How to start a pet sitting business

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

How do you know if pet sitting is the job for you? If you love animals and have transportation, you are on the right track. Starting a pet sitting business doesn’t take a lot of start-up money or special skills so it’s something you can begin fairly quickly. This is a great guide for the first time pet sitter.

  • Determine what types of animals you want to care for. Do you love dogs and cats but dislike snakes? You’ll want to be sure that your advertising and business goals reflect the types of pets you wish to take care of.
  • Figure out what area you would like to cover. Do you want to offer pet sitting only in your local town? Only within a 10-mile radius? If you’re caring for pets in other people’s homes, it’s important to consider transportation costs when deciding.
  • What services will you offer? A few possibilities include dog walking,  pet grooming, feeding the animals, changing litter boxes, administering medication, play time, etc.
  • In your home or theirs? Some pet owners prefer that you board their animal while they’re away. So, decide if this is a service you’ll offer.

How to start a pet sitting business

  • Overnight stays? If the pet owner has multiple pets or dogs that need to be walked three to four times a day, some owners prefer you stay at their home for the time they’re gone. Will you offer overnight pet sitting?
  • How much will you charge? Consider what you’re time is worth. Will you charge by the hour or by the distance or the type of pet?
  • Advertise! Once you know what services you’ll offer, you need to promote your new business. A simple way to advertise is to hang signs in local stores or on community bulletin boards announcing your new business.

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Finding pet sitting clients

Now that you know how to start a pet business, it’s simply a matter of gathering clients. The business will likely be busier in the summer and during the holidays when people take vacations. In the meantime, let friends and family know about your new business and ask for referrals. This is a great guide on being financially successful as a pet sitter.

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64 thoughts on “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business of Your Own

    • You don’t need certification to become a pet sitter, however, different cities may have licenses you need to get in order to run a business.

  1. This kind of service can be very helpful when you go on vacation or travel for business. I would certainly use a service like this.

  2. I LOVE animals, especially dogs, and have thought of doing this but there are so many dog sitters in this area. You have some great ideas for how to advertise, though.

  3. I can barely handle one pet! Can’t imagine pet sitting as a day job. Kudos for those wanting to get into this business!

  4. I love pets and especially love seeing that they are well cared for and loved. I think this would be such a great business to begin.

  5. We have a great pet sitter who works for a company. Sometimes I wonder about hiring her direct. I used to pet sit and babysit a lot to make extra money, it really helped my budget!

  6. This would be a perfect job for me because I love ALL animals 🙂 I have a large fenced in yard that would be perfect to keep dogs inside. Thanks for this awesome idea! Now, if I can only get hubby to agree!!

  7. Very good information for someone wanting to begin dog sitting! Reviews from satisfied customers is so important. Thanks!

  8. Wish I could find a local pet sitter. We board our animals when we travel. They dont like it and we worry about them.

  9. This is a biz that I think would be good for people, who would like to do something different, and love pets, but it never occurred to them. I’d think there would be a huge demand, as it is so much nicer than having to leave your pet at a center.

  10. Oh this would be something so wonderful to do! I love dogs! My niece would really be good at something like this. I will have to share this post with her!

  11. This is would be perfect for my teen daughter who loves animals and is looking for a way to earn some Christmas money! Love this idea & these tips!

  12. These are great steps for getting your own pet sitting business off the ground, my son is thinking about it. I am going to have him read this article! Thanks!

  13. My sister-in-law started a dog walking business. I will tell her about this article. She might want to start adding pet sitting to her business.

  14. I love the idea of a pet sitter for my dog. Most days someone is home with him all day. So I feel really guilty when we have to leave him alone on the odd day. I do worry about finding a reputable sitter. My dog is like my kid!

  15. I do pet sitting for a few families, and I love doing it! I have two dogs that frequently come to my home, and now when they come they jump out of the car and run right to my door!

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