How to Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odor Easily

Are you wondering how to eliminate cat litter box odor? We love our cats, but we don’t love the odor from their litter box.  Even though we scoop the litter box as soon as they use it, it’s next to impossible to eliminate the odors completely. On hot humid days, I can really notice it. This post has been sponsored.

How to Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odor Easily

Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odor

Is it possible to eliminate cat litter box odor? Yes, it is. It does take a bit of attention, but you won’t notice the odors if you follow a few of these helpful tips.

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Scoop Immediately

If you’re home and you notice your cat using the litter box, scoop the waste immediately. Using a clumping cat litter will make it easier to scoop. Dispose of the waste immediately by placing it in a plastic bag and tying it shut. Then place the plastic bag in a garbage can with a lid. It’s best to remove the waste from your home immediately when possible.

Change the Litter

The cat litter itself should be changed completely at least once a week Even when you scoop the waste from the cat box, some bacteria is left behind. This bacteria can cause unpleasant odors to remain in your litter box.

Odor Eliminator Products

To combat truly strong odors, a cat litter box deodorizer is often necessary. Make sure that you choose a litter box deodorizer that actually controls and eliminates odors rather than simply covering them up with fragrance. You want to look for one that is pet safe and biodegradable.

Air it Out

You might think that keeping your litter box in an enclosed area would help reduce the odors. The opposite is actually true. It makes odors linger rather than disappear. Instead, keep the litter box in an area that has at least one window you can open to air the room out. This will help eliminate the odors more quickly.

Odor control for the litter box doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow a few of these simple tips.

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