Catnip Toys Cats Love to Play With

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Check out these catnip toys cats love to play with! With two cats in our home, we have a huge selection of cat toys for them to play with. While they enjoy lots of different types of toys, catnip toys are their favorites.

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Catnip Toys Cats Love to Play With from Spot

Catnip Toys Cats Love

There are lots of different catnip toys for cats but the catnip toys cats love the most are ones that keep their attention. You can find catnip toys in lots of different shapes and sizes.

There are soft catnip toys, cat toy balls, and chewy cat toys.  When picking a catnip toy for our cats, I tend to look for soft animal shaped toys that they can hold like this adorable Spot Shimmer-Glimmer Fish.

Catnip Toys Cats Love to Play With from Spot

Not only does this toy contain catnip, but it makes a crinkly noise when our cats play with it. Plus, the surface is multi-textured to make it easier for them to grab and hold.

There are four different color schemes available so the color you get will be a surprise. Our cats both loved this fun catnip toy so I can see I am going to have to get another one soon.

Catnip Toys Cats Love to Play With from Spot

About the Spot Catnip Toy

Give your energetic kitty a toy she won’t be able to resist with this Shimmer Glimmer Fish toy. This colorful toy is made with a cuddly material on the outside and filled with enticing catnip on the inside!

Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, it encourages plenty of exercise and play as she pounces, bats and chases it with pure delight. It’s great for interactive play or for a solo cuddle session, plus it’s designed with shimmery scales for an added texture your feline friend will love!

Catnip Toys Cats Love to Play With from Spot

Key Benefits

  • This fun fish toy is plush and purr-fect for playful cats.
  • Accented with shimmery scales that your cat won’t be able to resist.
  • Filled with catnip that will drive your cat wild with excitement.
  • Perfect for pouncing, batting, chasing and snuggling.
  • Available in assorted styles and is a great way for indoor cats to get the exercise they need.

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