Cat Dental Care Tips for Cleaning Cat Teeth Easily

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Did you know that a cat feels the same amount of pain from a cavity that you or I do? Keeping your cat’s teeth clean and free from tartar can be a challenge. But, by following a few of these cat dental care tips, cleaning cat teeth will be a bit less stressful for both you and your cat.

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Cat Dental Care Tips

Your adult cat has 30 teeth and taking care of them is important for their overall health. Your cat cannot brush their own teeth so the responsibility is yours. If they were out in the wild, they would chew on bones and eat grass to keep their teeth healthy. But, that generally isn’t an option for domestic cats.

Have a dental checkup

It’s important that your cat is seen at least once a year for a dental checkup. Your veterinarian should be able to check your cat’s teeth when they are there for their shots and wellness visit.

Cat Dental Care Tips for Cleaning Cat Teeth

Make a cleaning routine

How often should you brush your cat’s teeth? The goal should be brushing once a day. Starting at a young age will be much easier as adult cats (like people) are set in their ways. Begin by getting your cat used to having your finger in their mouth. Put a bit of tuna juice on your finger to make the process simpler. Once they are used to that, you can begin using a toothpaste that is meant for cats. Never use toothpaste meant for people.

Massage their gums

Tooth decay often beings with swollen, inflamed gums. You can massage their gums to encourage healing and strengthen their gums to prevent future problems. Healthy gums will be pink and not red.

Cat Dental Care Tips for Cleaning Cat Teeth

Wet and dry food

Unless your vet feels otherwise, a good diet will be made up of both wet and dry food. Dry, crunchy food can help your cat remove tartar from their teeth. There are also special dental care treats you can feed your cat.

Cat Dental Care Tips for Cleaning Cat Teeth More Easily

Dental toys and rinses

Speak to your veterinarian to see if your cat might benefit from using a dental toy or rinse. These can help cats that are currently experiencing problems with plaque or tarter and can help prevent oral decay. You can find a variety of cat teeth cleaning treats on We started feeding Scout and Heather the Greenies Dental Treats. They like the catnip flavor and it’s an easy way to encourage good dental care.

Cat Dental Care Tips for Cleaning Cat Teeth More Easily

These delicious, crunchy morsels feature the paw-sitively irresistible flavor of catnip along with a unique shape that helps scrape away plaque and tartar as he chews for cleaner teeth and fresher breath. Chicken meal is the first ingredient for real chicken protein that promotes healthy metabolism, while real dried catnip enhances the flavor.

Whatever you do, be sure to start paying attention to your cat’s oral care today. Left unattended, oral care problems can result in a variety of health problems. Consider scheduling an appointment with your local animal hospital or veterinarian.

Learn more about how to improve your cat’s oral care.

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