How to Grow Cat Grass for Your Cat to Enjoy

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Why would you want to grow cat grass for your cat? If your cat has the opportunity to go outside, you’ll have noticed that they enjoy eating grass. If your cat is an indoor cat that never goes outside, they will enjoy having cat grass to nibble on occasionally. 

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Why would you want to grow cat grass for your cat? If your cat has the opportunity to go outside, you'll have noticed that they enjoy eating grass.

How to Grow Cat Grass for Your Cat

Not all plants are safe for your cat to nibble. If you have houseplants in your home, your indoor cat may have sampled a few leaves here and there. It’s important to keep plants that are dangerous away from curious cats. So, offering them a pot of cat grass to nibble on will encourage them to stay away from other plants.

Cat grass really isn’t one type of plant. It’s a name given to a variety of grasses that are popular and safe for cats to nibble on. Varieties include Dactylitis Glomerata (Orchard Grass or Cock’s Foot), Avena Sativa (common oat or cat oat), barley and wheatgrass. Either of these options is safe for your cat to enjoy.

How to grow cat grass for your cat

How do you grow cat grass indoors?

If you have an indoor cat, it only makes sense that you’ll want to grow your cat grass inside. You’ll want to leave it in a pot inside so that your cats can nibble on it when they want it. If you’re wondering how to grow cat grass without soil, it is possible. You’ll want a short, wide glass bowl to grow in. You will also need pumice soil amendment and a paper towel. And, of course, you will need cat grass seeds.

Place about an inch of pumice soil amendment in the glass jar. Then, set a paper towel on top of that. Fill the jar with water until the paper towel is just damp. Add the seeds in a single layer so the seeds are damp. You will want to keep the water at this level the entire time. Be sure not to let the seeds dry out. They will sprout and grow.

How to Grow Cat Grass for Your Cat to Enjoy

How to grow in a cat grass planter

Supplies you’ll need:

Small cat grass planter
Organic potting soil
Cat grass seed
Plastic wrap

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  • Fill your small pot with organic potting soil. Leave about an inch free at the top of the pot.
  • Sprinkle the cat grass seeds on the top of the soil. Try to make one thin, even layer of seeds.
  • Cover the seeds with about 1/4 inch of soil.
  • Water the seeds until the soil is nice and damp.
  • Cover the pot loosely with a piece of plastic wrap. You want a little bit of airflow.
  • Set the pot in a warm, dark location.
  • By the second or third day, you should notice the seeds have started germinating.
  • As soon as the grass is about 3/4 to 1 inch tall, remove the plastic and set it somewhere sunny.
  • Check the soil every other day to make sure it’s still moist.
  • When the grass is about 4 inches tall, let the cats enjoy it.

How to grow cat grass for your cat

How to keep cat grass alive

As with any indoor plant, your cat grass needs sun and it needs moisture. But, it also needs to be in an area that your cat can access that is safe from other house plants. Try placing it in front of a low window or glass doors so it can get sunlight while being at the right height for your cat to enjoy.

Or, if that is not possible, keep it on a table or windowsill and set it on the ground when your cat seems to be interested in eating it. If your cat seems to be too vigorous with your cat grass, only allow them to access it when you’re there to supervise.

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Cat grass for dogs

Yes, your dogs may be interested in nibbling on cat grass too and that is just fine. Cat grass is simply wheatgrass. And, it is similar to what your dog might find outside in your yard. Of course, if they go outside, they may have no interest in eating grass inside. But, if they do go outside in the yard, they can certainly still have some of your cat grass.

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Have you ever tried to grow cat grass for your cat?

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