Making Your Yard Safe For Your Dog to Play

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Have you thought about making your yard safe for your dog? Dogs love being able to go outside and run and play. But, there could be hidden dangers in your yard that aren’t safe for your pet. They don’t see things the same way that we do, so these are things that you may have overlooked. You can find a few common dangers below.

Tips for making your yard safe for your dog

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Making Your Yard Safe For Your Dog

One of the first things that you need to do to make sure that your yard is safe is to be certain your dog cannot get out of the yard. You can do this with a traditional chain link fence or by using an invisible fence around the edge of your yard. If you’re using a traditional fence, be sure that it is high enough to keep your dog in and that they cannot dig underneath the fence and get out. You won’t want your dog to damage your garden or eat something they shouldn’t.

How do I protect my vegetable garden from my dog?

While you may hope that your dog won’t be digging in the garden, many dogs enjoy digging in the dirt. Be sure that the plants your dog is attracted to are all safe for them to eat or play in just in case. A few plants that will cause problems for your dog are azaleas, daffodils, lilies, some mushrooms, and black walnuts. To keep your dog out of your garden, try a chew proof garden fence.

Tips For Making Your Yard Safe For Your Dog

How can I prevent fleas and ticks?

Fleas and ticks are a common problem for outside animals, but they are much more than an annoyance. However, ticks can cause Lyme disease and fleas can lead to an inside home infestation if not treated carefully. Be sure that your dogs are protected from fleas and ticks with either an over-the-counter or a homeopathic remedy. Check with your vet for safe alternatives. You can find flea and tick medicine on Amazon.

Protect my dog outside

So, if your dog will be spending any amount of time outside, it’s important that they have protection from the weather inside a dog house or an open area of your home through the doggy door. You don’t want your dog out in the sun, snow or rain for hours on end. You may want to provide them with a water source to take a dip if the weather is hot. But, make sure that it’s shallow enough for them to get in and out of easily. You can build your own doghouse.

Have you thought about making your yard safe for your dog? Dogs love being able to go outside and run and play. But, there could be hidden dangers

Watch for hidden dangers

Try to reduce clutter and yard waste to discourage animals like snakes from building homes in your back yard. Some snakes can be dangerous to your dog when threatened. Keep the grass mowed and the bush removed to give your dog a safe area to enjoy.

How else are you making your yard safe for your dog? Learn how to get your dog to stop digging holes in the yard.

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