Pet Safe Pest Control Tips for Pet Owners

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Looking for pet safe pest control tips? Pets don’t understand what a risky business doing pest control is. But they can come to harm if their owners don’t follow strict safety guidelines around their animals.

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Pet Safe Pest Control Tips Pet Owners Need To Know


Pet Safe Pest Control Tips

While we certainly don’t want pests in our homes or yards, we need to make sure that what we’re doing is safe for our pet. Read on to find out the pet safe pest control tips that every dog owner needs to know.

Is pest control dangerous for pets?

It can be depending on the types of pest control you use. You don’t want your pet to eat or roll around in a dangerous substance. Make sure that the area you use pest control in is not one your pet can access.

Or, choose a pet safe pest control option like these.

What pesticide is safe for pets?

We’ve had great luck with eco-friendly pest control products. These pest control products are plant-based and safe for your children and pets.

They don’t leave toxic residue and are biodegradable. Here are a few things to be aware of.

Pet safe pest control

Rodent baits

These are great at rodent control and work by functioning as an anticoagulant when they’re ingested. Once the rodent eats it, it causes internal bleeding and makes them fall asleep.

Unfortunately, rodent baits have the same effect on pets such as cats and dogs too. If you’ve got a pet in the house make sure the rodent baits are placed well out of their reach.

Rodent traps

When you install snap traps to catch rodents, make sure they are in a place where your pets and children can’t reach them so no one gets injured.

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Insecticide sprays

These sprays can be harmful if they are absorbed through the skin. When you want to use the spray, make sure any pets are out of the area and keep them away until the insecticide has dried and is no longer in liquid form.

Remember these sprays are also toxic to fish, so make sure to cover the fish tank if you’re planning on using them. Dr. Killigan has a pet safe version.

dog in a blanket

Cockroach and ant baits

These generally have low toxicity, so present minimal risk of poisoning when used in small amounts. But because many of the baits are based on food materials, it’s easy for your pet to confuse them with a tasty meal.

Make sure any baits are completely inaccessible to your pets. Pet safe pest control is vital.

Pet safe pest control

Pet safe pest control and insecticide granules

Every pet owner knows they can eat some pretty odd things. Granular insecticide looks like sand, and you put it on your grass to kill insect pests.

If your dog loves to be outdoors and will most likely eat the granules, keep them inside until the insecticide has scattered.

Insect repellent

The repellent we use on our skin by no means should ever be used on your pets. In order to protect your pets from pests such as fleas or ticks, speak with your vet to find the best solution to suit your animal.

Pest control products can really harm your pets, so make sure you read the labels on everything before use and ask a professional if you’re unsure.

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Pet safe pest control and summer safety

There are numerous things we have to think about every day when it comes to our beloved pets, from making sure they don’t get heat stroke to being mindful around traffic and wild animals.

Just be sure to keep your pet safe around the inner sanctum of your own home as well by following the guidance in this post.

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