Cat DIYs Your Cat Will Thank You For

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Check out these fun cat DIYs!  We love pampering our two cats. From DIY cat toys to special homemade treats, we treat them just like part of the family. At times, we run out of new projects to make for them. So, I decided to share a few projects with you in case you have the same problem because we can always use new ideas.

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How do I make my cat cute?

Cat DIYs

So, what can I make for my cat? The possibilities are really endless. You can make them a special treat, a DIY cat hammock, or a homemade catnip toy. There are a lot of different ideas depending on what your crafting skills are and what your cats enjoy. 

How do I make my cat cute?

So, if you want to make cat DIYs that will make your cat cute, consider making them a sweater, outfit or a beanie cap. Just make sure that the clothes you make for them are comfortable and fit properly.

You don’t want them to get tangled up in an outfit or have it be too tight because they could get hurt. So, not all cats like playing dress up. Neither our Scout or Heather are at all interested in wearing cute clothes because we’ve tried.

Cat DIYs Your Cat Will Thank You For DIY cat bed

DIY cat bed

A DIY cat bed is a simple project to make for your cat. Don’t worry, you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. They are happy sleeping in cardboard boxes.

So, just make sure that the bed has a bottom and something fluffy and comfortable on top for them to sleep on. So, here are a few projects you can try.

kittens playing with a toy

DIY cat toys

There are so many different types of DIY cat toys that it would be impossible to mention them all here. So, our cats enjoy playing with empty paper towel tubes, rolled up balls of aluminum foil, and even ping pong balls.

Finally, whatever you give your cat to play with, be sure that it is safe for them with no small pieces they could eat.

Easy cat DIYs to make your cat happy

scratching post

Cat DIYs for cat owners

Of course, not all cat DIYs need to be for the cats. So, there are a few things that will make a cat owner’s life a bit more fun.

How to Grow Cat Grass for Your CatEasy cat DIYs

So, if you’re looking for an easy cat DIY to try, you may want to learn how to grow cat grass. It’s very easy to do and it’s something that’s good for your cat too. Or, grab this cute printable for your cat litter storage container.

Taking a Trip with Your Cat? Take These Steps to Make It a Pleasant One


What should I do for my cat’s birthday?

As much as your cat will appreciate any of these cat DIYs, what they want from you the most is your attention. So, why not just spend some time on the couch with them and their favorite toy. Or, if they enjoy it, brush their coat and have some one-on-one time. Your cat would love to have your undivided attention for just a few minutes each day. Finally, as independent as they are, cats crave our attention too because they love us.

So, if you want to buy them something special, why not consider a new cat collar, a package of their favorite treats, or a new package of catnip. Finally, however you plan on celebrating your cat’s birthday, check out these tips for cat safety because it’s important to keep in mind when creating any DIY.

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