Pet Traveling Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy

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These pet traveling tips can make your summer vacation much more stress-free. While we often use a pet sitter when we go on vacation, there are some pet-friendly locations that we enjoy taking our pets. When we’re heading to areas that are pet-friendly, following a few simple tips can make the car trip much easier.

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Pet Traveling Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy in the Car

Pet Traveling Tips

Let’s face it; car rides can be stressful for people so it only stands to reason that they can be stressful for our pets. These pet traveling tips will help make the car ride less stressful for you and your pet. You certainly can travel safely if you follow these tips.

Bull dog traveling in the car looking out the window

Can I travel with my pet?

Of course, you can! Before you set out on a car trip with your pet, be certain to schedule a vet visit. Make sure that your pet is healthy and that all of his vaccinations are up to date. Different states have different requirements for vaccinations, so it’s important to be sure. Get copies of their immunization and medical records to take with you as well.

German shepherd sitting in pet harness in the car

Pet traveling tips and pet safety in cars

Consider harnesses, cages, and leashes rather than leaving your pet free to wander around in the car. Your pet should be properly restrained in a car pet safety harness while traveling. You can use a harness or a pet cage to do this, but please do not let them wander around the car while you’re driving. Your pet will also need to be on a leash while going for a walk or stopping at rest areas.

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How often should you stop when traveling with a dog?

Experts recommend that you stop at least once every two hours. If your pet is drinking while you travel, you may need to stop more frequently. Pay attention to their body cues when you’re traveling. If they appear to need to stop more frequently, then do so.

Remember to purchase an ID tag. Even the most well-behaved pet may get loose when traveling. Be confident that your pet is wearing an ID tag on their collar with your name, address, and cell phone number.

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How can I calm my dog down on a long car ride?

At the very least, bring along a supply of your pet’s favorite food and a collapsible water dish. You may not be able to find the brand or variety you usually use while traveling. You may also want to bring along treats, toys, a favorite blanket, and a pet first aid kit.

Make frequent stops. Your pet will appreciate frequent stops for them to walk around and burn off energy. Traveling can be very stressful for your pet, and frequent stops will help them be less nervous.

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How do you travel long distances with pets?

At the end of the day, it’s important that your pet has somewhere they feel safe and comfortable to relax. Plan for pet-friendly accommodations. Do some research to find pet-friendly hotels or motels while you’re away from home. Check with area Chambers of Commerce for dog parks and pet-friendly attractions.

How can I keep my dog cool while traveling?

If the weather is extremely hot, you may be concerned about keeping your dog cool inside the car. If you’re too hot, so is your dog. So, if possible, use the air conditioner to keep the temperature more comfortable. If you don’t have air conditioning, keep the windows down as much as possible. But, be sure that your dog is secure in a harness if the windows will be down. Some dogs will try to jump out or lean out too far out of excitement.

Pet Traveling Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy

Pet traveling tips for summer

You can also lay a dog cooling mat down on the back seat where they’ll be sitting. It will help them regulate their body temperature if they get too hot. It’s also important that they be able to drink water while you’re traveling. You may need to stop more frequently to give them water if it’s very hot. A collapsible dog water bowl comes in handy while traveling. You can also keep an ice cooler with a few frozen dog treats for them to snack on.

No matter where or how you travel with your pets, following these simple tips will help make it a vacation to remember in a good way.

Have you ever traveled with your pet?

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  1. I always forget to bring extra identification when traveling with my pet. Our dog is chipped, so it’s not on the top of my mind at home. These are great tips with Summer coming up!

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