How to Choose the Right Car Pet Safety Harness

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Do you have a car pet safety harness? If you’ll be traveling at all with your pet, a safety harness is really something that you should be using. 

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How to Choose the Right Car Pet Safety Harness

How to Choose the Right Car Pet Safety Harness

Would you let your child ride in the car without a seatbelt? No? Then there is no reason that you should allow your pet to ride in the car without a safety harness either. When travelling with your pet, the safest choice for you and them is to keep them in a safety harness.

It’s important to ensure that your pet can’t interfere with you driving your vehicle. You don’t want them to try to sit on your lap or run around the interior of the car. Even the most well-behaved pet can be startled by a loud noise or unfamiliar action.

It’s also important to be sure that your pet won’t be injured if you need to stop suddenly or are in an accident. You can take care of both of these potential issues by using a car pet safety harness.

Types of safety harnesses

Pet Carrier – One of the safest ways to transport your small dog or cat is in a pet carrier.  You can set this up like a den for them with their favorite blanket and a few small toys.

Seatbelt or Harness – For a larger dog that will not fit in a pet carrier, the best option is a seat belt or safety harness with seat belt attachment.  This is safer than a collar because it helps distribute the impact in case of a sudden stop.  The harness you choose should have a three-point connection – so that it clips in three different places providing even support and backup in case one connection fails.
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Barrier Harness – If you have a larger pet that will not sit still in a harness, a barrier harness will provide some support if you have an SUV. The harness will prevent your pet from flying forward in case of an accident but still allows them to move around.
Whichever type of car pet safety harness you decide to use with your pet, please be certain that you don’t let your pet ride without a safety harness of some sort.
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12 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Car Pet Safety Harness

  1. My grandfather has 2 highly active larger breed dogs and he requires a safety net in the back. I think I actually feel they are more secure back there than in the seating area with harnesses. These are great tips to consider!

  2. My Yorkie had problems with his esophagus and the pet carrier just worked better. He would get excited with his head out the window and I just didn’t want that distraction while driving. I still have that carrier as it’s just the right size for cats too. Never know when you’ll need it for a stray also.

  3. We have a harness and leash for our cat for when we take him to the vet. He hates the cat carrier. We found that if we take a blanket along & cover him up, he rides better.

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