5 Helpful Pet Sitting Forms to Offer Now

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When I have a new pet-sitting client, I find that it’s very helpful to have a few standard pet sitting forms on hand to collect information.  Find them here.

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How many forms you use with your clients is really up to you. If you have a large pet sitting business and offer a variety of different services, you will have different needs than if you pet sit for one or two clients regularly.  At the minimum, you should offer a simple pet sitting contract that outlines what your responsibilities are and what you’ll be paid for providing these services.

When I have a new pet sitting client, I find that it's very helpful to have a few standard pet sitting forms on hand to collect information.

5 Helpful Pet Sitting Forms 

When taking on a new client, there will be basic information that you want to have on hand. I keep a binder at home with contracts for each client. That way I can refer to them if I need to. You can store this digitally if it’s easier.

  • Basic Contract – At the minimum, a basic contract should list what services you will provide, your rates, and your client’s information. This printable contract is a great place to start.
  • Pet Information – You may find creating a pet owner information file helpful. You can list the pet’s name, favorite treats and toys, and daily routine. Be sure you include the times they eat and when they should be taken outside for a walk.
  • Veterinarian release – If you typically care for pets with medical issues or that take medication on a daily basis, you may want to request a release from the pet’s veterinarian. Make sure it states they are in good enough health to be left with you.

How to start a pet sitting business


  • Price list – If you have different rates for different services (overnight, walking, multiple trips, etc.), you will find it helpful to create a price list or rate sheet. You can leave this with prospective clients so they can refer to it.
  • Travel release – Will you be transporting pets to the beach, dog walking park, or the veterinarian? If so, you may want to request that clients sign a statement giving you permission to transport their pet in your vehicle.

What should be included in a pet sitting form?

At the absolute minimum, provide this information to your client. You can use a standard pet-sitting contract with fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Services provided/frequency of visits
  • Feeding schedule
  • Playtime given such as walks outside etc.
  • Medical history and health conditions

Finally, now that you know the pet-sitting forms that you may need, it’s a simple matter of typing up the essential information and making copies for clients.

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