Dog Walking Supplies to Make Pet Sitting Easier

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These dog walking supplies can make your daily task of walking Fido much simpler. As a pet sitter, walking dogs is something that I am asked to do regularly. It’s not unusual for clients to be unable to get home during the day to let the dog out for a walk. And hgaving a pet sitter or dog walker on hand is a perfect answer.

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Dog Walking Supplies to Make Pet Sitting Easier

Dog Walking Supplies

The dog walking supplies you need to keep on hand will depend slightly on the climate you live in and the type of dog you’re walking. Some of these items are hopefully things that your client will provide for you. But, you may need to add a few of these to your pet sitting supplies yourself.

Crossbody bag for dog walking

It’s easiest if you have a crossbody bag for dog walking to keep your supplies in. You want to have your hands free to hold the leash and deal with the dog. And, you only have so much pocket room to stash things.

Dog walking belt

If you are walking more than one dog at a time, it can be handy to use a dog walking belt. These belts allow you to clip one leash to your belt. That way, you can hold the other leash or two with your hands.
Dog Walking Supplies to Make Pet Sitting Easier

Products for dog walkers

Now, there are a lot of products for dog walkers that will make your job easier. I highly recommend you keep a stash of poop bags on hand to pick up messes. Many areas will fine you if you leave dog poop behind during your walk. A reflective vest will be helpful if you are walking dogs in the early morning or evening.

Dog walking supplies for hot weather

If you are walking dogs during the summer, consider keeping a collapsible bowl or dog water bottle on hand to avoid the dangers of dog heatstroke. And, dog booties for hot pavement can be helpful as well.

Dog walking insurance

If pet sitting or dog walking are things you do frequently, you may want to consider liability insurance. If the pet in your care is lost or injured, it’s important that you are protected. Insurance can also cover things like lost keys or dog bite incidents. And, dogwalkerinsurance can protect you and your assets in case of a problem.

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