Is Your Cockatiel Sick? What You Need to Know

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Is your cockatiel sick? If your bird is acting differently than normal, you may be asking yourself this question. When in doubt, of course, it is safest to take them to your vet. Only your vet will know your bird’s exact symptoms and diagnosis. But, here are a few things you can think about.

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Is Your Cockatiel Sick? What You Need to Know

Is Your Cockatiel Sick?

If you’re a new pet owner, you might not be sure what behavior is normal and what might indicate a problem. If you have had your cockatiel for a while, it should be fairly simple to notice behavior changes. But, if you have a baby or a new pet, it may not be as obvious to you.

What are the signs of a sick cockatiel?

If your bird is listless or has no energy, that is definitely a warning sign. You should also be concerned if instead of sitting on their perch, they spend all of their time at the bottom of their cage.

Food-related changes

If your bird’s droppings have changed or they have lost their appetite and you have NOT changed their food, this may be concerning. If you have gone from seed to pellet, this can cause a change in appetite.

Is Your Cockatiel Sick? What You Need to Know

Behavioral changes

If you notice a change in your cockatiel’s behavior, you should speak to your avian vet. This may involve less vocalization or fluffing up for longer periods of time than normal.

If you’re concerned about how your cockatiel is acting, it is best to bring them to your vet for a complete checkup. Your vet will be able to offer advice for new owners and diagnose any problems your bird may have.

Your vet may prescribe cockatiel antibiotics or another type of cockatiel medicine if they feel that will help. 

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