Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Dog

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Do you celebrate Valentines Day with your dog? Who said Valentine’s Day has to be all about romance? Our romantic partners aren’t the only special people in our lives—our non-human friends deserve a little extra special “treat”-ment on Valentine’s Day, too. And while special edible treats (chocolates in a heart-shaped box, anyone?) are typically reserved for that special Valentine’s Day date, treats are also the perfect way to bond with our canine companions.

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Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Dog


Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Dog

So in the spirit of sharing the love with our pups on Valentine’s Day, here are three simple ways to treat Fido on Valentine’s Day. If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your dog, here are a few pet-friendly activities that you can enjoy. 

Obviously, chocolate is out when it comes to ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog. You should not give your dog chocolate under any circumstances. It’s toxic and definitely not a pet-friendly treat. They will appreciate a homemade dog treat so much more. Keep the chocolate for yourself.

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Offer them a special treat

Sometimes we just need a simple (but sinfully delicious) snack that’s easy to share with a loved one. So while you and your date dig into the box of chocolates, stock up on special dog snacks for your four-legged friend. They may not come in a heart-shaped box, but they come from your heart! These Tail Banger Treats are the perfect Valentine-themed dog treat.

Beef jerky is one of America’s favorite culinary pastimes, so don’t leave your pooch out when it comes to experiencing that incredible taste. These Jerky Treats are made in the USA just for your dog. You and your dog can experience a moment of flavorful Valentine’s Day joy together.

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Go somewhere special

Have you thought about finding a pet-friendly hotel for a weekend trip? A pet-friendly vacation may be just what you both need to get away from the stress of day to day living. If you can’t afford a vacation away, why not head to your local dog park. Or, if you don’t have a dog park in your area, why not take a hike. Here are some tips on hiking with your dog. Don’t worry, it’s geared for beginners so you don’t have to be a super athlete.

Get them a new toy

If your pet is watching their weight, you might not want to give them treats that aren’t on their diet plan. If that’s the case, why not offer them a new toy instead? These heart-shaped rope toys are perfect for your active dog. Or, this VIP squeaky dog toy would be a fun gift as well. Why not take them to PetCo or PetSmart and let them pick out their own toy. 

Check out these Valentine gifts for dogs for a few more ideas.

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Set up a play date

Maybe your dog would enjoy a play date with a friend? You might want to skip this option if your dog isn’t well socialized. You can try signing them up for classes at your local doggy daycare so they can learn to behave around other animals.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s only fair to include everybody—and that means Fido, too!

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