7 Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

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Are you looking for tips to create a pet friendly garden? If you own a pet, you may feel as though growing a gorgeous garden is impossible. After all, some plants can be hazardous to animals, and some plants may not be able to tolerate all of an animal’s curiosity! But the truth is you can, in fact, have a beautiful garden even if you are pet parents.

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7 Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

You certainly can have a pet friendly garden as a pet owner. You just need to plan accordingly and keep a few simple tips in mind.

Look below at the tips for creating a cat and dog-friendly garden, and see how simple it can be to get the garden you want while keeping your furry friends in mind!

Consider hardy plants

You want to be sure you are adding hardy plants to the border of the garden, so no matter how large your pet is, these plants have a chance at survival. Consider hardy but pet-safe plants such as lavender, a box hedge, and sturdy sunflowers.

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Say no to poisonous plants

While you want to offer lots of variety in your garden, you need to be sure you aren’t including plants that are toxic to dogs. Some of the plants that can prove deadly to dogs include wisteria, foxglove, hydrangeas, and delphinium.

Before planting anything new, do your research and make sure it wo’t prove harmful to your pet.

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What flowers are safe for dogs?

If you are feeling limited when it comes to pet friendly plants, don’t panic! Here are the plants that are not harmful.

Here are some of the plants you are welcome to enjoy without worrying about possible poisoning: lavender, honeysuckle, impatiens, snapdragons, and sunflowers.

Pet friendly garden pest control options

Any type of chemical used in your garden can pose a threat to your pet. Use only natural and organic pest control solutions. If you use chemical products and they are ingested by pests, your dog/cat can later ingest the pest and be poisoned themselves.

Read all packaging carefully to make sure you are only using natural, safe options. Here are some pet-friendly fertilizers you can use. And, this is a pet safe weed killer.

What to plant in a cat safe garden

Don’t allow for freestanding water

You might be tempted to keep rain buckets or birdbaths in your garden, but think again. This freestanding water can attract mosquitoes and in turn lots of mosquito larva.

If your pet drinks from this water, they can quickly become sick or fall victim to a host of diseases. Keep all water sources away from your garden and your pet will thank you.

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Secure the area properly

A sturdy fence around the garden can help keep your pet out of the space, as can a live border made of sturdy plants such as box hedges. Keep all gardening tools and gadgets securely locked up so they aren’t confused as toys.

All plant food and fertilizers should also be in airtight containers, safely secured.

7 Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Garden #GardeningTips #Dogs #Cats

Dog friendly garden surfaces

If you want your pet to enjoy the garden just as you do, be sure you are creating clear and wide gardening paths. This way, the pet will use these paths instead of trampling plants and risking injury and destruction.

You can use wood pallets to create a gardening path or patio pavers from your local home and garden center. Find out why dogs love to roll in the grass.

7 Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

What is the best ground cover for a dog run?

If you want to have a ground cover that can stand up to your dog’s activity, try natural grass, wood chips, or gravel. Dogs can be tough on the areas they play in but these can stand up to use.

As you can see, a safe garden space is totally feasible! Consider these tips for creating a pet friendly garden and see how easy it can be to grow the garden you desire while still keeping your pet’s safety in mind.

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