Cat Safe Flower Garden Tips for Cat Owners

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Do you know how to plant a cat safe flower garden? Check out these tips for creating a garden that is safe for cats to visit.

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Cat Safe Flower Garden Tips for Concerned Cat Owners


How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden

I love my garden. And, while my cats stay inside, I don’t mind if the neighborhood cats visit my garden (as long as they don’t leave a gift behind). I do worry that some of the plants I have in the garden might not be safe for our local wildlife, cats included.  

After doing a bit of research, I’ve discovered that there are some plants that are perfectly safe for cats to nibble on. And, there are even some that they enjoy.

During the warmer months, may pet owners let their cats outside to play in the sunshine. If you have cats or worry about neighborhood cats playing in your prized vegetable garden, try planting a cat-safe garden for them to enjoy instead. These plants will make them happy:

Wheat or oat grass

Grass is an excellent source of fiber for cats. And, it can help remove any bits of hair, etc. that may be in their digestive track. Cat grass also contains folic acid which is essential for your cat’s good health.

How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden


Marigolds will deter pests. But, they are perfectly safe for your cat to play in or nibble on if they get the urge. So be sure to add several different colors since they’re so pretty.

How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden


So, not only does lemongrass smell amazing, but your cat will also enjoy the health benefits. Lemongrass is antibacterial and antifungal. Plus it helps with digestion.


We all know that cats are attracted to catnip. It makes them playful. And, it may even give your older cat a bit more energy.

Some cats will get more relaxed with catnip. And, some have no reaction at all. However, it can’t hurt to plant some and see.

A container of thyme growing

Thyme in your cat safe flower garden

So, there is a particular variety of thyme called cat thyme that your cats will love. However, they will enjoy any variety. Thyme will help soothe anxious cats.

How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden


This is one of my favorite herbs, and it’s also attractive to cats. If you have a high strung cat, you should plant this one.

Because they experience the same sense of relaxation we do when exposed to lavender.

How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden

Johnny Jump Ups

While your cat may not be attracted to these flowers, they are perfectly safe if they do decide to take a nibble. So, add a few of these colorful flowers to your garden today.

How to Plant a Cat Safe Flower Garden

Cat safe flower garden inside

Now, if you cannot have an outside garden, you may want to let your cat bite on your spider plant. It has the same attraction that grass does for your cat and is good for their digestion.

So, what will you plant in your cat safe flower garden? Next, check out these tips for making your yard safe for your dog. And, learn how to create a pet friendly garden.

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