How to Stop Leash Biting

As much as we love our pets, we may not love all of their behaviors. Whether your cat is fond of scratching on your new sofa or your dog has begun to bite on his leash, there are things they do we’d like them to stop. This article will discuss how to stop leash biting if that’s a behavior that your dog exhibits. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

This article will discuss how to stop leash biting if that's a behavior that your dog exhibits.

How to Stop Leash Biting

If you’ve noticed that your dog has begun to bite on his leash, you may be wondering why he’s doing it and how to stop leash biting.  It can be not only annoying but depending on the size of your dog, very difficult to control.

Your dog probably started to bite on his leash because he enjoys playing tug with you. Do you ever offer him a rope toy and then tug on it to play and throw it for him to catch? Your dog is probably biting on his leash with the hope that it will turn into a fun game of tug and toss.

Whatever you do, when your dog bites on the leash, do not tug it back from him. That will only reinforce the behavior. Instead, cue your dog to have positive behaviors before he begins biting his leash.  Be sure to reward your dog for being calm when he sees or wears the leash to reinforce the behavior you want him to have.

Allow your dog to sit calmly with the leash on before you begin to take your walk.  This will help him feel relaxed when he sees the leash rather than becoming excited which may lead to biting.  Speak to him using a calm voice to reinforce his behavior.

Once he has gotten used to sitting with the leash on, teach your dog to walk with you in the heel position by your side. Do this in a safe area inside or in a fenced in area so he doesn’t get loose. Once he has mastered this skill, you can introduce the leash back once again.

Have you ever had to deal with leash biting?

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