How to Bond With Your Dog Every Day

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Have you ever wondered how to bond with your dog? Dogs are meant to live big, joyous lives—full of little moments that count every single day. From chasing after birds around the backyard, to jumping on your lap when you come home from a long day at work, in a dog’s life, it’s the small moments that count.

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How to Bond with Your Dog Every Day

How to Bond With Your Dog Every Day

Just as they bring happiness into our lives, we as dog parents should make it a priority to help our four-legged friends live big, vibrant lives—and I make daily choices to support that philosophy. That’s why I chose to try Nature’s Recipe, which is made from nature’s best ingredients, to help my dog live a natural, healthy life.

In addition to providing my dog with the best nutrition possible, I like to sprinkle special activities throughout the week to help him enjoy all the wonderful beauty that spring has to offer.

Here are a few activities you and your dog can do to make every moment count this spring:

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The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the weather is gorgeous. Take advantage by taking your dog out on a stroll snapping a photo of him enjoying nature. Consider taking a trail near water so your dog can play at the edge (or dive in if he’s feeling brave enough)—it makes for great photos!

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Now that the sun is out, you can take a weekly trip to your local dog park. This gives your dog the opportunity to interact with his friends and make new ones. One particular activity you can both enjoy playing is catch. Take an old tennis ball, but switch out an old favorite for a new toy to treat your pup.

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A quick weekend trip in the great outdoors truly makes your dog happy. It lets him visit a new place and explore the scents that fill the air during this time of year. It also lets you enjoy some time out of the house and admire all the beauty spring has to offer. Whether it’s a quick day trip, or a longer one that lasts several days, your dog will be thrilled to be outside exploring nature.

Nature’s Recipe will be your dog’s favorite way of starting the day and refueling after an adventure. Nature’s Recipe is nutritious, affordable, and easy to find at Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer. Check out the website to see which of your local retailers carries Nature’s recipe, and see how it helps you and your dog make every moment count.

I’d love to hear how you plan on taking full advantage of spring and bond with your dog. Leave a comment below, or share a photo with me via Instagram (feel free to use the #naturesrecipe hashtag)!

10 thoughts on “How to Bond With Your Dog Every Day

  1. Such an amazing post…My furbaby is a huge part in our family he is family we love him very much…Thanks for tips on bonding..

  2. My fur baby will be 11 in a couple weeks. He lost her best friend about 8 years ago. Mia was hit by a car. He misses her so much because they always were together and they had to be touching when they slept. Miylo loves to go outside and run by the river while I throw sticks for him to catch. Can’t wait for the weather gets better and I’m sure Miylo feels the same way

  3. Roxi is actually my daughter’s dog and she finally got settled into her new home down in Florida and will be bringing her home in June (sad face). Roxi isn’t a very active dog – her favorite activity is cuddling under a blanket. Before she leaves, I will have to take some pictures of her on the short trail by our apartment. I need to get some more good pictures of her before she leaves.

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