How to Make Your Guinea Pig Love You

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Wondering how to make your guinea pig love you? Learn more about how to bond with your guinea pig and other small animals.

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Wondering how to make your guinea pig love you? Learn more about how to bond with your guinea pig and other small animals.

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Love You

Guinea pigs are social animals, so bonding with them is important to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. Remember that it takes time for a new pet to develop a strong bond with its owner.

It may feel frustrating to go slowly but it takes time to make your guinea pig feel safe. Here are a few ways to get your guinea pig to trust you.

Do guinea pigs cuddle?

Yes, they will cuddle with you once they are comfortable with you.

How to know if your guinea pig likes you

There are several ways you can tell if your guinea pig likes you:

1. They come to you when you call them

2. They let you pet them

3. They eat from your hand

4. They follow you around

5. They snuggle with you

Here are some tips on how to make your guinea pig love you.

a guinea pig on a towel

Talk to your guinea pig

Spend time with your guinea pig every day. Even 10-15 minutes of playtime or cuddling will help create a strong bond.

Talk to them regularly as part of the bonding process. This will help them recognize you and become familiar with your voice. Remember to speak softly so you don’t scare them. Guinea pigs react better to quiet voices.

Repeat your guinea pig’s name as you offer them a treat. You may want to give them pea flakes.

Get to know your guinea pig’s personality. Some pigs are more outgoing and affectionate than others, so adjust your bonding activities accordingly.

Be patient. It can take some time for a guinea pig to get used to you and feel comfortable around you. Don’t force anything, and let the bond develop naturally.

Once they are used to you and feel safe, they may enjoy lap time. In the beginning, you can enjoy floor time in a safe play area while they get to know you and their new environment.

a guinea pig snacking on fruit

Feed your guinea pigs healthy treats

Offer treats. Guinea pigs love food, so giving treats is a great way to win their affection. Just be sure to give healthy snacks like vegetables, hay pellets, and not too many sugary foods.

Your piggy may especially like bell peppers or these guinea pig treats. Try offering your guinea pig a treat in one hand during your floor time sessions. Hand feeding may take time with a new guinea pig.

How to get a new guinea pig to trust you

Be gentle with your pets. Guinea pigs are delicate creatures, so it’s important to handle them gently and never pull their fur.

They are prey animals and will startle at loud noises. Sudden movements will make them nervous. When talking to them, use a quiet voice to build trust and develop a good relationship. They need a safe living environment that they can explore.

You will earn your guinea pig’s trust when they feel safe with you. Let your guinea pig explore their home.

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Hand feed your guinea pig

Hand feeding guinea pigs will take time. Guinea pigs are naturally curious and food motivated, so hand-feeding is a great way to bond.

Like many small animals, if they are scared, they may bite. So if they are nervous or scared, talk to them with a soft voice to build trust. Don’t worry, there’s an adjustment period with a new pet.

Plus, they’ll love the attention! Just be sure to wash your hands before and after, as guinea pigs are susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

an apple on a cutting board

Tips for hand feeding guinea pigs

  • Cut the food into small pieces so they can eat it easily.
  • Offer a variety of foods to give them a variety of nutrients.
  • Be patient and let them approach you when they’re ready to eat.
  • Start with small amounts of food and increase as they get comfortable with you.
  • Don’t forget their water! Make sure they have a fresh water source available at all times.

Wondering how to make your guinea pig love you? Learn more about how to bond with your guinea pig and other small animals.

Cuddle with your guinea pig

Guinea pigs love to cuddle and be petted. They will usually sit quietly while being petted, although some may squirm if they’re not used to it yet.

Start slowly by petting them on the head and back. Once they’re comfortable, you can try rubbing their belly. Just be careful not to tickle them too much!

They may also enjoy a good back scratch. Use your fingers or a soft brush to gently scratch their back. This is usually a favorite spot for guinea pigs.

Give them lots of love and attention, and they’ll soon learn to love you back!

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Another way to build a bond with your guinea pig is through grooming. This helps piggies stay clean and healthy and is also a great opportunity for quality time together. Guinea pigs are social creatures and will enjoy spending time with you.

Start slowly with gentle strokes and increase the intensity as your guinea pig gets used to it.

Guinea pigs love toys and accessories.

So, what do guinea pigs love? Guinea pigs love to play, so toys and accessories are a great way to bond. All sorts of guinea pig toys are available, from simple balls to more complex tunnels and houses.

You can also get creative and make your toys! Some simple ideas include toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, or even old socks. Just be sure the materials you use are safe and non-toxic.


Bonding with your guinea pig is important for a happy and healthy relationship. These tips will help you build a strong bond with your new guinea pig.

Remember to be patient, and gentle, and have fun! It takes time to build trust, but you will develop a bond with your guinea pig in time.

You can start by getting your piggy a few of these treats. Food is the way to a guinea pig’s heart.

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