Can I Take My Hamster Outside?

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Can I take my hamster outside? Hamster owners may be wondering if they can take their furry friends outside or not.

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Can I Take My Hamster Outside?

If you have a pet hamster, you may wonder if he wants some fresh air or not. Does he need an outdoor cage when the weather is nice?

Hamster owners want to give their pet hamsters a happy life. They spend time with them and provide hamster toys and healthy food.

Your furry friend will spend most of their life indoors in their cage.

How do wild hamsters survive?

Wild hamsters are from Northern China. Your domesticated hamster is not the same thing.

In the wild, hamsters live in burrows underground. These burrows can be up to 18 feet long! They line their nests with soft materials like grasses and feathers.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. This means they sleep during the day and are awake at night. They come out of their burrows during the night to find food.

Can I take my hamster outside? Hamster owners may be wondering if they can take their furry friends outside or not.

Can you take your hamster outside for a walk on a leash?

The answer is no. Hamsters are not built for the great outdoors. They are small and fragile. A gust of wind could blow them away. It’s not a safe environment.

They also have delicate feet that can get injured on rough surfaces. And they can quickly overheat in warm weather. They will live indoors for the vast majority of the time.

Small animals are also susceptible to stress and fear. You need to protect them and give them a safe environment.

If you want your hamster to get some fresh air, you can take them outside in a carrier. Put the carrier on the ground in a shady spot.

Ensure the carrier has good ventilation, so your hamster doesn’t get too hot. And check that the carrier is secure so your hamster can’t escape. Your best option is the Halo Small Pet Ball Carrier.

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Happy Habitats Small Pet Ball Carrier

The Halo Small Pet Ball Carrier is the best way to take your hamster outside. It’s a clear plastic ball with ventilation holes and a comfortable handle.

Put your hamster in the ball and close the latch to use it. Then carry him outside and set the ball on the ground. Your hamster can explore while being safe from predators and the elements.

Pick up the ball and bring your hamster back inside when you’re done.

This keeps your hamster safe from predators while letting them enjoy the great outdoors safely.

Of course, the Halo is more than a hamster carrier. The carrier handle has a kickstand, so you can use it at home to let your hamster get a bit of exercise.

Find out more here.

Outdoor cage for hamsters

You can also buy an outdoor hamster cage for your pet. But you will need to take some precautions. Put the cage in a shaded area to protect your hamster from the sun. Always keep them out of direct sunlight.

Make sure the cage is secure, so your hamster doesn’t escape. And check the temperatures before putting your hamster in the cage. The temperature should be between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Can’t I use a large box?

No, hamsters, like guinea pigs and rabbits, like to chew. They will chew through cardboard very quickly.

Cardboard is not a good shelter for hamsters or other animals. It’s too easy for them to find escape routes out of the box and be in danger.

Is it safe to let my hamster run around outside?

No, it’s not safe to let your hamster run around outside. Many dangers and potential hazards await them.

  • Cars could run them over.
  • Predators like dogs, cats, or snakes could attack them. Remember, they are prey animals.
  • They could get lost and starve to death.
  • And if the weather is too hot or cold, they could die from exposure to the elements.

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The bottom line

So, can you take your hamster out of the house?

If you want your hamster to get some fresh air, the best option is to put them in a carrier like the Halo and take them outside.

They will stay safe from predators like snakes and cats. But you can quickly get them to the vet or to visit a friend if you like.

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