Can You Keep a Chinchilla and Cats?

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Can you keep a chinchilla and cats in the same household? Read these tips before you consider keeping them together in the same home.

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I love pets and we have had quite a few different types in our home at the same time. But, just like cats and dogs don’t always get along well, your chinchilla may not be able to live with a cat.

This pet isn’t one that everyone is familiar with caring for. So, if you are new to owning one, check out these tips for caring for a chinchilla.

A grey chinchilla in a cage


Chinchilla and Cats

Whether or not they get along well together will depend, in part, on their personalities. If you already have a cat, it’s important that you consider their personality type.

Are they high strung, reacting poorly to visitors to your home? Do they run and hide when the dog barks in the yard next door?

If that’s the case, your cat might not be open to a new pet in the household. Think twice about adding any new pet.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your cat is typically a hunter? Do they go wild if they see a mouse and kill it quickly? 

Can you keep a chinchilla and cats in the same household? Read these tips before you consider keeping them together in the same home.

Or, are they more likely to watch the mouse quietly from the couch and go back to sleep? A more relaxed cat may be more open to a chinchilla in their house.

Keep in mind that a chinchilla is considered to be part of the rodent family.

Keeping a chinchilla in a cage

Keeping your chinchilla in a cage may not help in a household with a cat. It’s still far too easy for your cat to stalk the chinchilla.

It’s not healthy for any animal to feel like they are constantly being stalked or terrorized. So, keep this in mind when deciding.

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How to introduce your chinchilla to your cat

When you first bring a new pet into your home, it’s important that you keep them separated to see if they will get along together. Try keeping your chinchilla in its cage in the same room as your cats and see how they respond to each other.

When it’s time to let your pet out of its cage, be sure that your cats are in another area of the house. They should never be left unsupervised together. 

If at any time it appears that your cat is stalking your new pet, they should be kept in other areas of the home at all times. Keeping them together isn’t good for the stress level of either pet.

Do cats attack chinchillas?

Yes, depending on the cat, this can be a concern. Chinchillas are rodents and cats have a prey instinct to attack rodents. 

hand feeding a chinchillaDo chinchillas get along with dogs?

Again, you may have the same problem with a dog as you do with a cat. Dogs will attack prey and this can include both cats and chinchillas.

If you’re considering having any small rodent as a pet, they may be happiest in a home that doesn’t contain a dog or a cat. 

If you plan on having the two in the same household, consider a few of these chinchilla cages to allow your pet plenty of room to live. You want a happy chinchilla, not a stressed-out one.

And, here’s a fun hanging toy they might enjoy.

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