Guinea Pig Tips to Cure Boredom

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Here are the best guinea pig tips for a bored guinea pig. Try a few of these guinea pig activities to keep your piggy happy today.

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a brown guinea pig in the green grass outside

Guinea Pig Tips to Keep them Active

Guinea pigs are such adorable little animals that I just can’t stop smiling when I watch them play. I’ve written about how guinea pigs a few times now.

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There are many different ways to keep your guinea pig active in their cage and outside of it. Guinea pigs are very social animals. And, ideally, you will have more than one piggy to be friends with.

If you only have one guinea pig, it’s very important that you play with it regularly so that it is motivated and content. And, there are lots of different homemade toys that you can leave in their cage safely for them to play with.

toilet paper tubes stacked on top of each otherInexpensive ways to keep your guinea pig busy

I love buying my pets toys. But, if you are on a budget, there are many different ways you can keep your guinea pig busy without spending a lot of money. Here are just a few.

  • Hide little treats under their bedding for them to find.
  • Give them a toilet paper tube to chew on.
  • Let them snuggle a pet-safe stuffed toy. Make sure that there are no plastic pieces or googly eyes they can chew on.
  • Give them a tennis ball to play with
  • Create a small paper bag for them to hide inside. 
  • Add a crumpled up piece of paper for them to choose on. Do not use paper with ink on it as the ink is not good for them.

a girl playing with her guinea pig in the grass

Frequently asked questions

Best guinea pig treats

Guinea pigs love treats and toys to play with. And, it’s ok to give them treats at times. But, if you’re looking for guinea pig tips, the most important one I can offer is to not overfeed them. Instead, hang a small piece of carrot or apple on a string in their cage. Let them nibble on it when they want to. This also encourages them to reach up and stretch to get the treat.

Here are the best guinea pig tips for a bored guinea pig. Try a few of these guinea pig activities to keep your piggy happy today.Exercise for your cavy

Do not allow your guinea pig to play on wheels or balls that are intended for other small pet animals. They are built differently and these are not good for them to use. They can hurt themselves.

Instead, create a safe play space in your room. You can do this out of a cardboard box. Just be sure that the door to the room is closed and you do not leave them unattended. 

To keep them entertained in the box, add a few smaller boxes like tissue boxes with holes cut out of the side. They can wander around and search for little treats or roll their tennis ball around. This is a fun guinea pig maze you can easily make for them.

Guinea Pig Tips to Cure Boredom

What do guinea pigs play with summary

Finally, the best way to keep your bored guinea pig happy is to play with them. If you have a safe area outside, you can bring them outside with you. Or, you can sit on the couch and snuggle them while you watch television. 

If you’re searching for guinea pig tips to keep your cavy happy, just spend a little bit more time with them. They will appreciate it. And, you can pick up a few of these toys for them to play with as well.

Wondering how to make your guinea pig love you? Learn more about how to bond with your guinea pig and other small animals.

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