5 Top Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

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Are you wondering what items to bring on a dog walk? Going on a walk with your dog is usually one of the best parts of the day.

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5 Top Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

5 Top Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

You get to feel the warm sunshine on your face, enjoy your dog’s funny antics, and if you’re married you also get to spend some quality time with your spouse. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

However, if you’re ready to significantly improve the quality of your dog walks, then check out the tips in this blog post. You’ll learn about five items to take on your dog walk that makes all the difference between a so-so dog walk and a great dog walk.

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Always Put a Leash on Your Dog

Whether you’re going on a 1-minute walk to let your dog pee or an extensive 20-minute walk to get your heart rate going, you owe it to your dog to put a leash on her every single time. It only takes one time without a leash for your dog to get hurt.

If you want to prevent your dog from getting run over by a car or getting in a fight with another dog, then do the right thing and put a leash on her every time you take her outside.

Take Your Headphones With You

If you need some motivation to take your dog on longer walks, then bring your cell phone and headphones with you and pump up the jams. Listening to music makes long walks a lot more enjoyable.

If you really need extra motivation, save your favorite music or YouTube shows for when you’re walking your pooch. Having your phone with you on a dog walk is also very useful in case of an emergency.

5 Top Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

Always Bring Splashy Sunglasses

If you love your pup enough to put a leash on her to keep her safe, then you should extend the same courtesy to yourself and pop on a pair of sunglasses before you head out the door. Here are a few of the benefits of wearing sunglasses every time you walk your dog:

  • You’ll protect your eyes from sun-related diseases.
  • You will look good because sunglasses are yoga pants for the face.
  • You’ll keep dirt and dust out of your eyes.
  • You’ll be a lot more comfortable with less sunlight glaring in your eyes.
  • Your dog will think you’re cool.

If you’re the type of person that dashes out for an early morning walk with your pup before you look your best, then sunglasses are going to be your new best friend.

Sunglasses cover a good portion of your face, so you won’t have to cringe when you run into your neighbors. If you wear prescription eyeglasses you can always get a pair fitted with photochromic lenses.

5 Top Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

Whistles Are Useful Too

If you’ve been walking your dog for a significant amount of time, then you know not everyone keeps their dogs on a leash. That’s why you should always have a whistle with you. This is because a loud whistle can help distract a dog that’s approaching you sans leash and sans owner.

Spray Bottle to Cool Down

DId you know your pup doesn’t sweat? That’s why in addition to bring some water for her on a long walk, you should also consider bringing a small spray bottle to help her really cool down. When you notice your furbaby starts to pant offer her some water and gently spray a little water on her back and neck.

This will help her cool down and feel a lot more comfortable. Don’t forget these paw protection tips for summer days.

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