Cat Scratching Boards to Save Your Furniture

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Does your cat use cat scratching boards or do they still scratch on your furniture?  As much as we love our two cats, they can certainly be destructive when they are bored. I can already see areas of our couch where they’ve started scratching.

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Encourage Your Cat to Use Cat Scratching Boards

Cat Scratching Boards

Cat scratching boards or cat scratching posts are designed to give cats somewhere acceptable to scratch rather than your furniture. But, getting your cat to use one of these boards instead your couch or chair can be a challenge. We’ve tried the sprays to encourage the cats not to scratch where it’s not acceptable but we haven’t had much luck.

So, how can you encourage your cat to use cat scratching boards? While I am far from an expert, here are a few tips that have worked for us and our two cats.

Discourage them from scratching elsewhere

We have tried the sprays with limited success but you may have more luck. What did work for us was covering the areas that they like to scratch with plastic guards designed to prevent scratching.

Encourage Your Cat to Use Cat Scratching Boards

Place cat scratching boards near those areas

If your cat scratches on the arm of your couch, then after covering it with plastic, place the cat scratchers or pole in the same area. This will help to encourage them to scratch on something new.

Use grooved cardboard

The reason your cat scratches on your furniture is that they like to dig their claws in it. It leaves their scent behind and helps groom their claws. Look for cat scratcher cardboard pads and poles that have grooves in them.

Encourage Your Cat to Use Cat Scratching Boards

Add catnip

Most kitties love catnip but there are some that do not. If your cat isn’t attracted to catnip, this tip won’t help you. But, if they are, sprinkle a little bit of catnip into the grooves of the cardboard.

We’ve used cat trees in the past but the quality just hasn’t stood up to the price tag.  And, once they start falling apart, they need to be thrown away rather than recycled. With the cat scratching boards, you can recycle them since they are made of corrugated cardboard.

I received The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher from Chewy. This reversible scratcher helps groom claws. It includes OurPets Cosmic Catnip to promote scratching and the cool curves help keep cats interested. I love that the catnip that’s included is grown in North America. Plus, when you run out, you can always purchase more to keep them interested.

If you’re trying to get your cats to stop scratching on your furniture, The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher from Chewy is a great place to start.

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