4 Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Fresh

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We have two cats so keeping your litter box fresh is definitely something we need to think about. It seems like even with constant scooping our litter box needs a little bit of help in the freshness department.

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Fresh

4 Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Fresh

No one wants to open the door to their home and be greeted by litter box odors. It’s even worse if your guests open the door and notice the same thing.  Here are a few tips for keeping your litter box fresh.

Scoop it

Yes, this may seem obvious but it’s also going to make the most difference. Buy scoopable cat litter and scoop it after each use. You really will notice a difference and your cats will be happier. We’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks Multi-Cat Strength Clumping Cat Litter and it really has been doing a great job.

This fragrance-free litter is gentle on noses and paws but tough on odors. It’s 99% dust-free and offers low-tracking benefits for every pet parent’s convenience. Made with natural ingredients, the medium-grain clay helps to keep the litter where it’s supposed to be—right in her litter box!

It’s also 100% free of deodorants, perfumes, and chemicals and is also hypo-allergenic, which means it’s great for sensitive cats and pet parents alike. Not only will your house maintain its natural freshness, but the multi-strength, hard clumping formula makes cleaning especially easy after each use. Upgrade your kitty’s litter box, she deserves it!

4 Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Fresh

Wash it

You need to empty and wash your litter box at least once every few weeks. Even if you scoop it regularly, there will be bacteria and waste that create odors left behind. Empty the litter box and wash it completely with a solution of hot water and vinegar with a few drops of tea tree oil to kill bacteria.

Deodorize it

Believe it or not, sprinkling baking soda into your litter box really does help to contain odors. We’ve been doing this for quite a while and neither of our cats seems to care. You still need to scoop and change regularly but the baking soda should help as well.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Fresh

Contain it

Cats love to dig and that means that they can scatter litter and waste outside of the litter box. Be certain that you sweep the area regularly to contain it. You can also use a cat litter mat to help keep the litter from being tracked all over the house.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your litter box fresh? Are you using a traditional cat litter or a homemade cat litter alternative?

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