25 Adorable Halloween Dog Costumes to Make

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It’s almost time for Halloween so I’ve been checking out the Halloween dog costumes.  After all, why should kids have all of the fun when it comes to dressing up? If you’re like me, and the kids are too old for Halloween, you can still have fun by dressing up your pets.

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Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes on Sale

25 Adorable Halloween Dog Costumes

Here is a range of Halloween dog costumes for any sized dog.  I’m very much in love with the superhero-themed dog costumes and the adorable pumpkin costume for dogs.

You don’t have to be super craft to do some of these. There are some new sew costumes as well for those that don’t sew.

Or, I’ve included a small selection of Halloween dog costumes you can buy at the end of the post. It’s much easier than making one and they still have a great selection.

Some of the smaller Halloween dog costumes would probably work fairly well for a cat if you are in the mood to dress up your cat for Halloween.

I’ve never had a lot of luck getting our cats to tolerate wearing a Halloween costume, but maybe yours will be in a better mood.

  1. Dog S’mores by Studio DIY
  2. Pineapple Costume by Brit & Co
  3. Unicorn by Live Colorful
  4. Spider by Buy Costumes
  5. Mouse with pizza by Barkzilla
  6. Frida Kahlo by Jader Bomb
  7. Super Dog by Brit & Co
  8. Dog in Bloom by DIY Network
  9. Taco by Doxies Down Under
  10. Bat by DIY Network
  11. No Sew Small Dog Costumes by Craft Your Happiness
  12. Easy Halloween Dog Collar by Mermaid’s Den
  13. Star Wars Halloween Costumes
  14. Lion by Love Pets DIY
  15. Skeleton by Cheezeburger
  16. Eat More Chicken by My Treat Dreams
  17. Thing 1 and 2 by Farmhouse 38
  18. Egg and Bacon by Instructables
  19. Hostess Cupcake by Sew Doggy Style
  20. Doggy Dino by Martha Stewart
  21. Dragon by Niqqi
  22. Echo the Walrus by Instructables
  23. Scorpion by Coolest Homemade Costumes
  24. Harry Potter by All Free Halloween Crafts
  25. Wonder Woman by Niqqi

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