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Today I wanted to share a guest post written to bring attention to a serious problem and let you know about Save the Cats Organization. All over the world and every year, millions of cats are brutally slaughtered for their meat as food for people. Stolen pets and strays are taken to these cat meat markets. These helpless cats are packed together in overcrowded small cages where they are forced to urinate and defecate on each other. In addition, often their legs are broken so there is no chance of escape.

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Help Support Save the Cats Organization Today

Help Support Save the Cats Organization

Suffering in a cramped cage waiting to be meat for a “little tiger meal”, the poor cat is then brutally bludgeoned on its head to try to stun it enough so it can then be boiled alive in a pressure cooker or pot. Other times, these evil cat murderers will skin a cat alive or even take blow-torch to cook them all while still alive and suffering. Even though this barbaric practice of killing cats for meat is technically illegal in many countries, these governments still allow this to happen openly and there is never any stopping or prosecution of these cat murderers. Many countries still quietly promote this horrible practice as an inexpensive and easy way to “feed” their populations.

The UK’s newspaper Express reported that “Cats are the forgotten victims of the dog meat trade. They receive very little attention which allows the trade to fly comfortably under the radar.”

Help Support Save the Cats Organization Today

Save the Cats Organization was founded to stop this cruel cat meat industry. Most people in the US are completely unaware of this mass slaughter of millions of cats for food each year. Save the Cats Organization is dedicated to stopping this horrible situation once and for all.

Among the important activities of Save the Cats Organization include:

Exposing and stopping these cat meat markets around the world.

Because not much attention is given to these Cat Meat Markets, they operate freely and openly. The more exposure will force local governments to enforce existing laws and close those markets operating illegally.

Educating the public in these countries on the need to end the eating of cat meat.

These cat meat markets exist because of the demand for their meat in food. End the demand for Cat Meat and these markets are out of business permanently!

Help Support Save the Cats Organization Today

Rescuing by purchasing these cats in markets about to be killed as food.

Those capturing these cats are interested only in making money from them. They are just as happy to get money to let them go as they are to sell them to those making Cat Meat Dishes.

Protests and demonstrations to draw attention to these practices occurring in various countries.

Countries that have cat meat markets also want free trade and other agreements with the US. Linking these economic benefits to their humane treatment of animals puts intense pressure on these governments to do something about these animal abuses.

Save the Cats Organization is headquartered in Washington DC. The organization was founded by fellow cat lovers who were shocked and horrified to see this barbaric cat meat industry still thriving in so many countries. Save the Cats Organization is dedicated to stopping this cat meat industry all over the world and can be contacted either by email: or by phone: (202) 804-3580. The website is

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