Caring for Carpeted Cat Trees for Large & Heavy Cats

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Caring for carpeted cat trees for large & heavy cats is something that needs to be done regularly to keep your cat tree in good condition. Unlike a cat tree for a smaller cat, cats that weigh more will put more strain and more wear and tear on their cat trees. If you don’t care for them regularly, you will need to replace them more often.

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Caring for Carpeted Cat Trees for Large & Heavy Cats

Caring for Carpeted Cat Trees

We have a larger male cat that loves his cat tree. He could spend hours sitting on it looking out the window at the birds. Because he is on the heavier side, I’ve noticed that he tends to be a bit rougher on it than our smaller female cat. Following these tips will help you keep your cat trees in good condition.

Vacuum the surface

Every cat tree that is carpeted will need to be vacuumed regularly. Your cat will shed and that hair will end up sticking to the surface of the cat tree. Just like you vacuum the carpet in your home, you will need to vacuum your cat tree. You may find it helpful to use a handheld vacuum for this. Brushing your cat may help keep the shedding to a minimum.

Tighten the screws

As your cat jumps on and off the cat tree, the screws will become loose. If you don’t tighten them in time, the cat tree may break or extra stress on the different parts can cause bridges or poles to become wobbly. This is not only bad for the cat tree but could hurt your cat if it topples over when they jump on it. Cat trees for large & heavy cats may need extra reinforcement.

Caring for Carpeted Cat Trees for Large & Heavy Cats

Rope scratcher repair

If your cat tree has a rope scratcher, chances are it will need to be repaired or replaced regularly. As your cat scratches on it, the rope may begin to unwind from the pole. You can rewind it and tie it back on. Or, you can remove the rope entirely and replace it with new rope. Be sure that you look for rope intended for cat trees so that it lasts longer. A carpeted cat scratching post may need to have the carpeting replaced depending on the wear.

Replace the toys

Many cat trees have toys that hang from stretchy cords. As your cat plays with them, they may become detached from the cat tree. If the cord is still attached to the toy, you can reattach it to the tree. If the cord tears off the toy, you will probably need to purchase a toy on a cord to replace it.

Caring for carpeted cat trees really only takes a few minutes a week. But, if you neglect them, you may find yourself purchasing a new one sooner than you had planned to. The best carpeted cat trees should last your cat several years with proper care.

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