Best Cat Brushes for Long Hair Cats

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Have you ever wondered about the best cat brushes for long hair cats? Brushing a long hair cat takes special dedication, patience, and attention to detail. And, yes, it takes a special cat brush if you expect to get through it in one piece. Don’t get me wrong, most cats do a wonderful job of grooming themselves without any help from us. However long haired cats often need to be brushed to keep their fur from becoming matted. This is often more of an issue with a cat who is overweight.

Best Cat Brushes for Long Hair Cats

Best Cat Brushes

It’s important to properly groom your long-haired cat. In order to do that, you will probably need to have more than one style of brush or comb depending on where you’re brushing and why.

Steel Pet Brush

Using a steel pet brush is a must with long-haired cats. Most pet brushes only get at the top of your cat’s fur. A steel pet brush will allow you to brush from the roots out which is where the tangles generally star. It will also be handy if you are trying to remove fleas. This is the best cat brush for mats from my experience. Get more information.

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Slicker Brush

This brush is ideal for removing loose hairs. It will leave your cat’s fur soft and fluffy. This one has a self-cleaning button which makes cleaning the cat fur from the brush much easier. Get more information.

FURminator Brush

This is my husband’s choice for best cat brushes. It helps de-shed your cat before their fur gets all over every piece of furniture in the house. As a note, be sure that you use this AFTER you have groomed them with a slicker brush or steel pet brush. This really is the best cat brush for shedding in my opinion. Get more information.

Dematting Tool

This one takes a little bit of getting used to. You use the tool to lift the matted hair and gently remove it. It tends to be safer than using scissors near your cat’s skin. But, it still requires a lot of care to avoid cutting your cat. When in doubt, it’s best to take your cat to a groomer. Get more information.

What other types of cat brushes do you consider the best brushes for long hair cats?

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