Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

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Have you been searching for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair? If you have a dog or cat with long hair, you may be struggling with removing all of the pet hair that your pet leaves behind.

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Even with regular vacuuming, this can be a problem especially when they’re shedding. Here are some tips to get dog hair out of car seats.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

There are several things you should think about when choosing a vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Which one is best for you really depends on a variety of different factors and preferences including whether you have a dog or a cat. Here are a few variables to consider before you buy.

Floor type

What types of floors are in your home? Do you have shag carpeting or twist pile carpet? If you have hardwood flooring, consider the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors. You’ll need to purchase a vacuum that has the right attachments for hardwood flooring. A rotating brush for carpet will make the process easier. Make sure that it has the best suction available or you will just end up blowing the pet hair around the floor.

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Home layout

Do you have a single story home or multiple floors? Will this be the only vacuum you have? Or, will you have one for each floor? If you will have only one vacuum cleaner, you may want to consider the best canister vacuum for pet hair. Otherwise, you will find yourself carrying a heavy upright vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

Your budget

You can find a cheap vacuum cleaner for about $50 but that’s probably not going to be the best choice for many people. You do want to keep your budget in mind when making a choice. But, remember that if you buy a cheap unit, you will probably be replacing it more frequently than if you invested in a better quality vacuum.

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Type of vacuum

There are pros and cons for every type of vacuum cleaner. A canister vacuum is easier to carry up and downstairs. An upright vacuum usually has more attachments and has more settings for different types of floors. A handheld vacuum works in smaller areas, on upholstery, and can be used in your car. A robotic vacuum is a great option for people that are trying to save time on housework.

Extra features

Do you want a vacuum with a bag or a cup? Do you want to toss the bag when it’s full or would you prefer to empty, clean and re-use? Will you need a HEPA filter? If you have allergies, I would strongly recommend you invest in a vacuum with one of these filters. Pet dander and other microscopic allergens won’t be captured by a traditional vacuum.

No matter which vacuum you decide to purchase, I hope that you’ll keep some of these factors in mind when making your decision. Remember, the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair should last you for years so you’ll want to consider carefully before you buy one.

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  1. I am going to be shopping for a vacuum very soon and you made some excellent points. I’m so glad I read this before I started, there are quite a few ideas in your post that I hadn’t thought of. Now I can make a more informed choice, thank you!

  2. I defiantly learned the hard way about budget. I went through about 4 vacuums before i said forget it and got a more expensive one. It has lasted a lot longer and picks up more.

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