Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners This Christmas

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Are you looking for a few personalized gifts for pet owners this year? We have friends who just love their pets, so we thought of a few gifts to get them that featured their pets.  

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Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners

Who can resist a calendar or coffee mug with their favorite fuzzy friend on the front? But, chances are your friends already have those things. Don’t worry, here are just a few ideas that you may not have thought of.

What do you buy a new dog owner?

If the new dog owner hasn’t already purchased the basics, you can get a food and water dish, a personalized mat to put under the dishes, a collar, a dog sweater, an ID tag, or even a dog bed. There are lots of gift ideas for dog owners. 

Pet Christmas Stocking

What’s more fun than giving your friends a Christmas stocking full of gifts? Why not give your pet a Christmas stocking with their name on it. You can load it up with toys, their favorite treats, a few cans of their favorite food, or whatever else it is you think they’d enjoy. Just check out all of the cute pet Christmas stockings.

Family Pet Christmas Ornaments for Dogs and Cats

Pet Christmas Ornament

I love fun ornaments on the Christmas tree. And, I have several with my husband’s name and the kids’ names. So, it only makes sense that I get a few for our cats. Check out just a few of the ideas here. You can find ornaments for cats and dogs. Some have a spot for a photo. Others let you simply add your pet’s name. There are lots of wonderful personalized gifts for pet owners.

Gifts for dog parents

So, if you want a few gifts for dog parents, you might want to consider a sweatshirt with their favorite breed. Or, you could get a sweatshirt with a funny setting on it. Check out the selection right here.

Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners This Christmas

Personalized gifts for cat lovers

Of course, not everyone has a dog as a pet. There are many people (myself included) who have cats. There are lots of personalized gifts for cat lovers including things like ornaments, stockings, a photo book or a magazine. Why not think about this adorable cat pillowcase.

Pet Photo Book

Do you have favorite photos from the park or of your pet dressed up in a costume? What better way to remember them over the years than by creating a pet photo book with all of your photos. You can choose hardcover or paperback when creating it. Consider taking your photos from your Instagram account and turning them into a pet photo book. It couldn’t be easier.

Pet Magazine

Did you ever consider creating a magazine featuring your favorite pet? This idea might work best for someone who owns a business that caters to pet owners. What about a magazine for your pet sitting or your pet grooming business? You can display all of your work to show prospective clients.

Remember that 12/12 is the last day for economy shipping to guarantee arrival before the holidays. Make sure that you order now to have your gift arrive in time for Christmas.

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Shipping Deadlines for gifts for pet owners

As the holidays get closer, be aware of shipping deadlines. It will take at least two weeks to make, prepare, and ship your personalized gifts for pet owners. Don’t wait until the very last minute to order your presents. 

Take advantage of this special deal right now. There are no minimum or maximum order requirements, so this is a great deal if you’re looking for gifts for dog lovers.

Memorial personalized gifts for pet owners

If you’re looking for personalized pet memorial gifts, there are many touching gifts to remember a favorite pet. Why not consider:

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