Stocking Stuffers for Pets Gift Guide

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Check out my pets gift guide! It’s almost Christmas, and I wanted to share a few pet Christmas gift ideas and stocking stuffers for pets. While our pets may not understand exactly what Christmas is, they’ll definitely sense our excitement during the holiday season. We always add a few presents under the tree for our fur babies. As a safety note, skip the ribbons and bows since your pet may chew on them and get sick.

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Stocking Stuffers for Pets and Happy Pets Gift Guide

Happy Pets Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year, Christmas! This is a jolly time of year where many people spread joy and smiles to each other, and the world is a little more peaceful. While many people spend their time shopping for kids or their partners, I prefer finding ways to shop for my furry family members. There’s nothing cute than watching your pet try to open their own stocking on Christmas morning. ​

Toy stocking stuffers for pets

There are so many different types of pet toys to choose from that it’s hard to pick just one or two. You’ll have to base your choices on what your pet has enjoyed the most in the past. Our kitties are huge fans of catnip toys and our local veterinarian’s office sells catnip blankets made by a local crafter with proceeds being donated to the Humane Society.

Happy Pets Gift Guide

Pet Bed

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, soft pet bed?  Our kitties love to curl up on their pet bed and relax. A helpful hint: make sure that you purchase a pet bed that has a removable and washable cover so you can keep it clean rather than throw it away when it’s soiled.

Learn how to clean  cat tree.

Happy Pets Gift Guide

Treat stocking stuffers for pets

We don’t feed our pets a lot of pet treats because they are a bit more chunky than they should be. However, if your pet is at a healthy weight feel free to add a package of healthy treats to your Christmas gift list. Either way, add in their favorite food when you’re thinking about pet gifts. You could even serve it on a pretty Christmas dish to keep the mood festive.

cat under a Christmas tree with presents


Pet Supplies

While you may not think that a box of cat litter or a new leash would thrill your pet, these are important supplies you need to keep your pet healthy and happy. Pick up more cat litter, a new litter box, a new set of water bowls, or another type of pet supply. Or, have you thought about pet Christmas ornaments? What a fun way to show off your pet.

dog in front of a christmas tree with a red sweater

Stocking stuffers for pets

​Our pets are family to us so why shouldn’t they take part in the amazing experience of having a Christmas stocking?! There are treats, toys, and everything in between that will work well for a pet stocking stuffer. Consider wrapping up a special stocking stuffer inside paper to watch your pet unwrap their stocking stuffers on Christmas morning for added entertainment and happiness.

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What can I get my pet for a stocking stuffer? ​

If you’re looking for some stocking stuffers for pets, but not quite sure what to get that furry little family member, then continue reading for some stocking stuffers for pets. I’m featuring stocking stuffers for your furry family members so that you can experience the pure joy of watching your pet try to open their stocking on Christmas morning.

What little ways do you show your pets you care during the holidays?

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