Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes on Sale and DIY

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It’s almost Halloween and that means I am on the hunt for the cutest Halloween pet costumes. I’ve dressed up Scout and Heather a few times and they just looked so stinkin’ cute that I need to do it again. It took a bit for us to get them used to wearing a costume but now it’s not an issue at all. 

Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes on Sale

Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes

Of course, there is no reason that you cannot let them wear a costume all year long provided it’s not too out there. I love the way dogs look in those adorable little sweaters and jackets.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a Halloween costume for your pet. While they work for purchasing costumes, you should also keep them in mind if you are making your own creative dog costumes. Have you used any costumes in the past that you think are the best dog costumes ever? Share below!

Get the right size

A costume that is too small or too large won’t be comfortable for your pet. If it’s not comfortable, they won’t be happy wearing it. Make sure that you check the fit at the neckline and the waist to be sure it’s comfortable.

Skip the hat

Not all pets will allow you to fasten a hat under their chin. Our cats who now have no problem with most pet Halloween costumes will not tolerate a hat on their head. I know some pets that don’t have a problem with it, just be aware it may be more difficult.

Check for safety

If your pet will be walking around wearing the costume rather than just wearing it for a photo, be sure that it doesn’t drag around their legs. Some princess or ballerina costumes may trail on the ground. This can be a safety issue for some pets. It may be possible to cut the excess off or shorten it if you can sew. If not, look for a different type of costume.

cat dressed up for Halloween

Pet cat Halloween costume

If you’re searching for a pet cat Halloween costume, you have a few different options depending on how tolerant your cat is. You can either make a costume yourself or you can purchase one. My cats don’t love Halloween costumes. But, they will tolerate them at times. Here are a few cute ideas:

One of the reasons that I like these Halloween pet costumes it that they basically fit the cat’s front half and head. Not all cats will tolerate a costume around their stomach or back legs. And it’s a challenge to get them to wear those types of costumes. These are easier for your cat to get used to.

Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes on Sale and DIY

Disney dog costumes

There are a lot of cute Disney dog costumes I found on Pinterest that you can make if you’re crafty. Or, if you prefer, you can get this adorable Toy Story costume already made.

  • Check out this Ewok dog costume from Tikkido
  • Or, try this simple Peter Pan costume in this photo.

Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes on Sale and DIY

Dog and parent Halloween costumes

So, there is a cute trend going around now where people wear dog and parent Halloween costumes. In other words, you and your dog dress up in the same theme. And, then your dog comes along with you on Halloween. So, this won’t work for all dogs because not all dogs will be calm enough for trick or treating or for a Halloween party. But, if you do have a dog that will tolerate this sort of holiday fun, here are a few ideas.

Tips for the cutest Halloween pet costumes

So, while we all want our pets to look adorable at Halloween, it’s important to remember to keep their comfort and safety in mind. If you love Halloween, check out these adorable Halloween costumes for your dog. Or, you might want to try a few of these Star Wars pet costumes.

So, if you do dress up with your pet for Halloween, I’d love to see photos. Tweet them to me on Twitter and I’ll respond. Follow me here.

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