Multi-Cat Household Tips for Freshness and Odor

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These multi-cat household tips will help you get a handle on odor and freshness.  We love having more than two cats but at times, I notice a distinct cat smell to the house. Part of it is the cat box and part of it are the areas that they like to make their own. No matter how often you scoop, vacuum and dust, there is sometimes a pet odor that gets left behind. I am a Chewy influencer.

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Multi-Cat Household Tips for Freshness and Odor Control

Multi-Cat Household Tips

I’ve come up with a few multi-cat household tips that I’ve noticed have made a difference in how fresh our home smells. There will be variables depending on the size of your home, the time of year, and how many litter boxes you have.  But, I have found simple changes make a big difference.

Multi-cat household problems

One of the biggest multi-cat household problems that contributes to freshness is the state of the litter box. After all, you have two cats instead of one that is using your litter box. That means you need to scoop twice as much waste.

Multi-Cat Household Tips for Freshness and Odor Control

3 cats in one house

If you have 3 cats in one house (or more), you should have an additional litter box. Can multiple cats share a litter box? It is recommended that no more than two cats share the same litter box. And, depending on the cats and how well they get along, you may want to have a litter box for each cat. This can also help with multi-cat household aggression.

Multi-Cat Household Tips for Freshness and Odor Control

House cleaning tips with cats

One of the best household cleaning tips I have to offer is to stay on top of the cat box. You will need to scoop the waste regularly to keep odors from building up. I recommend that you use a clumping cat litter because it will help you to remove liquid waste.  A scented cat litter can also go a long way toward keeping odors down. I prefer to use a cat litter that is lightly scented because it’s less likely to bother my allergies.

Multi-Cat Household Tips for Freshness and Odor Control

Ever Clean lightly scented super-premium cat litter is formulated with more odor-fighting antimicrobial agents making it exceptionally perfect for multi-cat households. It is also made with paw-activated plant extracts that release a fresh scent on contact—this means that a hint of freshness will be released only when needed. We found that this does an awesome job without being overwhelming.

How do you keep your house clean with cats?

Almost all cats will shed. If you have long-haired cats, it’s likely you will see even more shedding than with a short-haired cat. This may mean that you need to sweep, vacuum and dust several times a week to keep up with it. Make sure that you have a vacuum that is good for pet hair.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a cat?

You will not only want to pay attention to the litter box but also to anywhere your cat likes to spend time. If your cat has a cat tree or pet bed, be sure that you vacuum and launder it whenever possible.  If you cannot wash it, try sprinkling baking soda on it. Then, let it sit for 30 minutes and vacuum it up.

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