How to Find Care for Your Pet While on Vacation

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Do you know how to find care for your pet while on vacation? There’s a lot to do to prepare for your time away from home whether it’s for a business trip or a relaxing vacation. There are reservations to make, packing that needs to be done, and plans that need to be finalized before you leave. You also need to decide who will take care of your pet while you’re gone on vacation.

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Options for Care for Your Pet While on Vacation

You want the very best for your pet so that they are happy, healthy, and well cared for while you’re away. So, this isn’t a decision to make lightly.

What do you do with pets while on vacation?

Many people feel they need to have their pet kenneled while they’re on vacation. But, this can be very stressful for your pet and is not an option that I recommend.

A kennel can be a frightening place for your pet. They are in a strange place with smells that they aren’t familiar with. There are many other pets in the same area who are just as frightened as they are. And, your pet can tell. You are not there. And, they aren’t in their own home surrounded by their favorite toys and all the comforting smells they’re used to.

How to Find Care for Your Pet While on Vacation

Where can I keep my dog while on vacation?

Instead of putting your pet in a kennel while you’re away, it makes much more sense to use a pet sitter. You can use someone from your neighborhood who can give your pet the love and attention they’re used to getting when you’re at home.

It may be helpful to get them used to be crated while you’re not at home. This might be easier for your sitter depending on the dog. If you do choose to use a dog crate, it’s important that your sitter takes your dog for a long walk and exercise while they are there. Here are some tips on choosing a crate.

In-home pet boarding

Your pet will come to know your pet sitter more and more each time you’re away. This will let them form a bond and that just cannot happen at a kennel. Pet sitters are also a much more affordable option than a kennel. And, you’ll save money on transporting your pet back and forth to the kennel each time you travel.

How to Find Care for Your Pet While on Vacation

What do I do with my cat when I go on vacation?

Cats are a little bit easier than dogs to care for when on vacation. If you’ll only be gone for a day or two, you can leave extra food and water and they should be fine. Be sure the house doesn’t get too hot or too cold while you’re gone.

If you’re gone more than that, you can find a friend or pet sitter to stop in once a day to clean their litter box and give them food and water. Cats tend to be shy of strangers, so they may hide while your sitter is there. 

Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Use a pet cam

Using a pet camera to check up on your pet while you’re gone can give you peace of mind. Even if you’re only at work, it’s nice to see your pet whenever you want to.  You can even find pet cameras that offer treats to entice your pet to come close to the camera. 

And, if you get the right pet camera, you can integrate it with your home surveillance system. If you’re considering care for your pet while on vacation, using a home surveillance system is a good idea unless you have a relationship already with a sitter.

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Emergency care for your pet while on vacation

Emergencies happen. Use a pet sitter that you trust. And, be sure to leave your vet’s contact information and your pet’s medical records just in case you need them. 

You can let your vet know that you’ll be on vacation in case they wonder why a strange person is contacting them about your pet. A reliable pet sitter should be able to handle transporting your pet in case of an emergency.

How to Find Care for Your Pet While on Vacation

Options for care for your pet while on vacation

  • Kennels
  • A neighbor
  • Pet Sitter
  • In-home pet care

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