Collagen for Dogs – What You Need to Know

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Have you been wondering about collagen for dogs? Collagen has been used for years to help people who are aging better prevent damage to ligaments and connective tissues. And, collagen has also been used to improve hair and nail health. But, is collagen safe for dogs?

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Collagen for Dogs - What You Need to Know

Collagen for Dogs

So, is collagen for dogs something you need to worry about? If you have questions, it’s important that you speak to your veterinarian for their advice. They are the best source for questions about your dog’s health.

Some people think that collagen can help dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia or ligament injuries. And, adding it to their diet may help prevent arthritis and other aging-related issues. Here are a few reasons that you may consider using collagen for dogs.

  • Help prevent joint injuries
  • Improve pain related to aging
  • Helps digestion
  • Improves coat health and nail condition
  • A healthy treat for your dog

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Is collagen safe for dogs?

There are many reasons that people take collagen. And, a collagen supplement for your favorite pup can be just as beneficial.  Animal collagen may be able to help keep your dog’s joints, stomach, and coat in top shape.

Is MSM the same as collagen?

No. Although you often see MSM & collagen on the same label, they are not the same thing. MSM helps your body to produce collagen. But it is not the same as collagen.

Can a dog take collage supplements I take?

If you are considering giving your dog collagen, please choose a product intended for canines. This will mean that the sizing and dosage information is given based on your dog and not based on a human.

Collagen for Dogs - What You Need to Know

Is bone broth okay for dogs?

An easy way to get your dog extra collagen in their diet is by offering them bone broth. Bone broth contains many nutrients including collagen. It’s not a replacement for their dog food. But, it does make a great addition to their diet. Or, you can make your own bone broth.

Collagen for Dogs - What You Need to Know

Is Jello good for dogs?

No. It definitely is not. Jello contains artificial sweeteners and is definitely not good for dogs. Artificial sweeteners can be toxic to dogs and should never be given to them.

Gelatin powder like Knox unflavored gelatin does contain collagen. But, Jello is not the same as unflavored gelatin powder. Do not give Jello to your dogs.

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Types of collagen for dogs

If you and your vet have decided that collagen is appropriate for your dog, the next question is what is the best way to give collagen for dogs to them?

There are several different ways that you can give your dog collagen. 

  • Collagen Powder is an easy powder form supplement that you can use as a wet food topper. Or, you can mix it into your dog’s favorite wet food. 
  • Chewable Supplements are an easy way to get your dog to take a supplement. You can hide them in your dog’s favorite pill pocket treat.
  • Collagen Broth Booster is a unique way to add collagen to your dog’s diet. A few squirts over your dog’s favorite food and you’re all set. No messy supplements involved.
  • Collagen Soft Chews are an easy way to get your dog to take collagen. They look just like your dog’s favorite treat. And, they should eat them just as easily.

Everything you need to know about collagen for dogs

K9 Collagen for dogs

K9 Collagen is a trusted brand of collagen that is available in both supplement and powder forms. They are both effective and easy to absorb. You can find their products here.

Finally, if you’re considering collagen for dogs, look for a trusted brand and ask your veterinarian if it’s a good choice for your pet.

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