Healthy Pet Treats that are Sustainably Made

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Have you ever thought about how your healthy pet treats were made? We all know to look at the ingredients when we buy food and treats for our dogs and cats. But, do you take it a step forward to understand where those ingredients come from?

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Healthy pet treats that are sustainably made

Healthy Pet Treats that are Sustainably Made

Piggyback Treats offers a pet treat that is truly unique. It’s made with healthy ingredients that are locally and sustainably sourced. Each of their treats features a main ingredient that was rescued from going to waste! Their goal is to reduce food waste!

They piggyback with local businesses and small, family-owned farms, by taking their usable by-products and turning them into healthy treats for pets!

Their mission is to create each original pet treat recipe with the goal of making the main ingredient a “rescued” food item. What that means, is that they work with many local and regional businesses to help reduce their food waste, and maximize on their hard work, time and dedication to their farm or business.

Healthy pet treats that are sustainably made

Fallen apples from orchards, spent grains from breweries, fish skins from cleaning stations, and by-products from butcher shops. They even partner with small farms to purchase their lesser popular meat items; like heart, liver, and tongue, so that they aren’t wasting freezer space for items they have trouble selling.

Healthy pet treats that are sustainablty made


They produce top quality, human-grade treats without the use of preservatives, imitation flavors, sugars or unnecessary additives. Each of their ingredients serves a purpose! They only use fresh, quality ingredients from reputable sources. Nothing they use has gone bad or is close to doing so! They believe that everything can be used when thinking with a creative mindset!

If this sounds like a mission you can support (and I hope you do), please visit their online store and support them today. 

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