Crunchy Cat Treats Are Good for Oral Care

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Do you give your cat crunchy cat treats? The last time we took Scout to the vet, the veterinarian told us that he had signs of gum disease. We weren’t completely surprised by this since he eats canned cat food. Crunchy food helps remove tartar but he has to be on prescription canned food. 

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Crunchy Cat Treats Are Good for Oral Care

Crunchy Cat Treats Are Good for Oral Care

We cannot take him off the prescription canned food since he is prone to urinary problems. While there are a number of crunchy cat treats out there, I haven’t always been impressed by the ingredients.

We recently had the chance to try The Honest Kitchen’s grain free Wishes Fish Filets. These light and crispy snacks are made from 100% wild-caught fish that is simply dehydrated. They are high protein and low fat with no GMO-ingredients, no preservatives, and no fillers.

These crunchy cat treats come in long, thin filets, just like real fish filets do. Plus, they are made from human grade food – not pet grade food. So I know that what I’m feeding my cats is good for them and made from the highest quality ingredients.

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I was very impressed with the fact that these treats are made in a human food facility. That means their safety standards are higher so my cats are getting the best possible treats.

And because they are crunchy cat treats, I know that they are better for his oral care than the moist cat treats. You simply snap off a piece of the filet and you have a bite-size crunchy cat treat.

There were five filets in the bag and the bag is resealable so I know that it’s going to last us quite a while even with two cats. You can find this and many other pet treats on

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