A Relaxing Cat Hammock Your Pet Will Love

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This relaxing cat hammock is just the thing to pamper your cat. We have a cat tree in our living room that our cats always fight over. We wanted to add something else for them to enjoy without adding another tree. Since they love lounging around, I thought a hammock would be just the thing. 

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A relaxing cat hammock your cat will love

Relaxing Cat Hammock

Everyone knows that taking naps is a cat’s favorite pastime. With the exclusive Pet Magasin cat hammock, your kitty or kitties will be able to indulge in the fine art of sleeping in comfort and real style and look adorable while they’re doing it.

This hammock may be made for cats, but it’s truly a piece of fine furniture. The frame is made from solid hard maple — no cheap particle board, plywood, or plastic. The wood has a clear finish so its natural beauty shows through. Other materials include sturdy chain and other hardware of polished steel and the strong but soft fabric of the hammock bed itself.

A relaxing cat hammock your cat will love

The bed of the hammock measures 30″ x 20″ and the frame is 42″ long. This bed is big enough for even the largest cat to sprawl out on. It will easily support 50 pounds, and would also be good for a medium-small dog. The hammock comes with a machine-washable blanket that can be laid over the fabric of the hammock, making cleaning easier.

A relaxing cat hammock your cat will love

My thoughts:

I love that the cat hammock is shipped flat to save on shipping costs. It’s very easy to put together using only a screwdriver. You can adjust how much the hammock swings with the cords to make it easier for your cat to get in and out of it.

It took my cats a bit to get used to having something new in the house. But, after they checked it out a bit, they were ready to relax.

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28 thoughts on “A Relaxing Cat Hammock Your Pet Will Love

  1. Oh that looks like it would be so nice for the kitties! it reminds me; my cats have one of those dual-level platforms complete with scratchers and loungers; it included a little hammock at the bottom, but my guys never showed interest in it. I’ll bet they would enjoy this one though 🙂

  2. That hammock looks like it might be appealing to my cats. I have had other hammocks which they never used but this one looks well constructed and more stable.

  3. My cats would’ve loved this. It’s is too cute! I would’ve never thought to buy this for them, but then again I didn’t know that they even had them for cats

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