8 New Kitten Supplies You Need to Buy

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Are you wondering what new kitten supplies you need to have on hand when you bring your new pet home? Your kitten will require a few necessary things when you arrive home. You’ll want to be certain that you’ve purchased these and have them in place ahead of time. 

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8 New Kitten Supplies You Need to Buy

New Kitten Supplies

So, what exactly will you need to have for a new kitten? The list isn’t all that large. There are just a few necessities that you should purchase.

Cat Carrier

When you go to pick up your new cat, you’ll want to be prepared with a cat carrier. It’s not a good idea to try to hold your cat in your lap while you’re bringing it home. And, your kitten won’t be happy if you try to keep it in a cardboard box or other container. A quality cat carrier will keep your pet safe and calm during trips to and from the vet.

Cat Bed

Your kitten will probably want somewhere safe they can retreat to call their own. A cat bed is a perfect solution. You can purchase a cat bed that has a removable liner that can be washed. Or, you can find a cardboard box and line it with a few soft towels or threadbare blankets. Either way, your kitten will enjoy it.

8 New Kitten Supplies You Need to Buy

Food and Water Dishes

You will need food and water dishes to hold your new cat’s food and water. You can use any plastic food safe container. However, I recommend a pet bowl made for holding their food. The sides will be higher, and the bottom will be resistant to sliding around the floor. In the end, it will prevent messes.


Your new kitten will need food to eat when they arrive home. I recommend that you speak to your vet who will probably recommend a kitten food that is specially formulated for young cats. If you have a very young kitten, you may need to check out this kitten milk replacer recipe.

Litter Box, etc.

Whether your cat will be an inside or outside cat, they will need a litter box, litter, and a scoop to clean it for when they’re inside. Having a litter box inside will help prevent your cat from having accidents if you’re not at home to let them out.

Collar and Tag

Even if your cat is an inside cat, it’s important that they wear a collar with an ID tag. Just in case they escape, you’ll want the person who finds them to be able to contact you to return your pet.

8 New Kitten Supplies You Need to Buy

Cat Toys

Keeping your kitten occupied with a few toys will help limit destructive behavior like clawing furniture and chewing on wires. You can go all out with catnip filled mice or keep it simple with a balled up piece of tin foil. You’ll need to experiment to see what type of toys your cat likes the most.


Depending on the breed of your cat, you may need to invest in a few grooming supplies. Some breeds of cats should be brushed to prevent tangles. Some pet owners feel that brushing their cat’s teeth will help prevent the build up of harmful tartar. Speak to your vet about what you’ll need.

When you head out to pick up your new kitten, don’t forget to stock up on the new kitten supplies your cat will need.

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  1. I’m trying to get more familiar with cat accessory needs since more of my friends in apartments tend to be more cat people (and I’m more of a dog person). I’m still amazed how long the toys keep the cat’s attention. I like the tin foil tip. Thanks!

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