How to Keep Your Dogs Cool At Home or Away

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With the temperatures rising, have you been wondering how to keep your dogs cool this summer? As much as I love the summer, we need to keep in mind that the higher temperatures can be harder for our dogs to handle. It’s so easy for a dog to get overheated because they cool themselves down by either panting or by sweating.

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How to keep your dogs cool this summer

How to Keep Your Dogs Cool this Summer

Before you head out on vacation or a summer trip with your dog, be certain that you have considered a few of these ideas to keep your dog cool. If you’re wondering how dogs cool down, keep reading. You might be surprised. You may want to offer them one of these homemade frozen dog treats. Your pet will love the treat and it’s a great way to cool down on a super hot day. Make up a few and keep them in the freezer for when you need them.

How do dogs cool down?

When we get hot, we sweat to cool down. But, your dog cannot sweat through their skin as we do. They can sweat through their paw pads. But, in order to cool down, your dog will pant. And, by circulating air through their bodies, they will cool down. That’s why it’s so important for them to have fresh, cool air.

How can I calm my dog down on a long car ride?

How to keep your dog cool while traveling

Never leave your pet alone in a car. Even on a day where temperatures are only in the 70s the temperature inside the car can reach over 100F within just an hour. Even if you leave the windows down, it’s far too easy for your pet to overheat in these temperatures. If you need to run errands, the best place for your pet is at home. If you cannot leave them at home, consider a doggy daycare or pet sitter.

How to keep a dog cool at the beach

Protect their sensitive feet. If your pet is walking on hot sand at the beach or, worse, hot asphalt in the city, be sure that you cover your pet’s paws with booties. If you cannot give them a break allow them to walk on the grass or the dirt. You should also make sure that you have a collapsible water dish on hand so they can have fresh water to drink. Bring along several gallon jugs of water if fresh water is not available. You should never underestimate the amount of fresh water your dog needs when it’s hot outside. Check out these beach essentials for dogs.

Have you considered what type of dog paw protection your pet needs over the summer months?

Pet traveling tips for summer

Offer your dog a lot of fresh, cool water to drink while you’re in the car. If you are traveling, you can purchase a collapsible pet water dish for them to enjoy fresh water. Be sure that the water you offer them is fresh and cool rather than water that’s been sitting in a plastic jug in the car for hours. You can pick up cold, fresh water at the convenience store when you stop for gas. Don’t forget to offer them a dog treat as a reward for being good. And, let them get out of the car to walk around when it’s safe to do so. A nice walk in the shade is a great way to cool down.

How can I keep my dog cool at home?

Let them enjoy a kiddie pool. One a hot day, your dog will enjoy splashing around in a kiddie pool full of fresh water. Their sweat glands are in their paws. So, even just a quick splash in a few inches of cool water can help lower their body temperature quite a bit. Don’t use ice in the pool. That can lower their body temperature too fast which is not healthy.

How to keep your dogs cool this summer

Make sure they can get out of the sun. If your dog enjoys playing outside, be sure they have somewhere to get out of the sun’s rays for a break. This shelter can be a dog house, an awning, an open garage door or even a large tree with shade.

Now that you know how to keep your dogs cool this summer, you can pack your bags and head to the beach.

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