Beach Essentials for Dogs You Don’t Want to Forget

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Check out this free beach essentials for dogs printable! You won’t want to forget anything your dog will need as you head out to the beach this summer. Scroll to the end for a free printable because you’ll want to keep that on hand.

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Beach Essentials for Dogs You Don't Want to Forget

Beach Essentials for Dogs

So, just what are the beach essentials for dogs? While you may be happy with a water bottle and sunscreen, your dog needs a few more things to be happy and safe at the beach.

What do I need to take my dog to the beach?

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when considering beach essentials for dogs is the sun. So, you will need to protect them from the sun and the heat. And, you will need to ensure that they stay hydrated.

dog sitting on the beach in the sand

What should I pack for my dog?

It’s a great idea to have a small duffel bag or backpack with your dog’s items in it. That way, you can be sure that you have everything you need for your trip to the beach. It’s easy to overlook something when you have your items and your dog’s in one place.

How can I protect my dog’s paws from the beach?

Hot sand and hot sidewalks can damage the sensitive skin on your dog’s paws. So, the best way to protect their paws is with a pair of dog booties. And, check out these dog paw protection tips for hot days for a few more ideas.

dog laying on the sand

Taking your dog to the beach for the first time

If your dog has never been to the beach before, try to visit on an off time when it’s not so busy. So, they may become overwhelmed by lots of people and noise. And, they may not know how to handle the sand and water. Of course, it’s always important to keep your dog on a leash when they’re at the beach because it can help prevent problems.

trash on the beach

There are many possible dangers the beach presents for your dog. Check out this article for more information. Be aware of trash other people may have thrown on the ground including foods your dog should not eat, broken bottles, or sharp objects like fishing hooks.  Sharp seashells, dead fish that have washed up on the beach, and jellyfish can present problems for your dog if you’re not careful. 

Salt poisoning can present a real problem for dogs. So, if you see your dog drinking the sea water, stop them. The salt and bacteria present in seawater can pose a serious risk. Be sure to offer them fresh, cool water to drink so they aren’t tempted to drink the salt water.

What do dogs need for the beach?

So, here are a few things dogs need for the beach and a few things it would be nice to have. Scroll down for a printable copy of this list because you can refer to it again in the future.

Beach essentials for dogs checklist

Things you need to bring

Dog sitting on the beach looking up

Things that would be nice to have

Check out this free beach essentials for dogs printable! You won't want to forget anything your dog will need as you head out to the beach this summer. Scroll to the end for a free printable because you'll want to keep that on hand.

So, keep in mind when you head to the beach that your dog cannot tell you when they’ve had enough. You’ll want to monitor their behavior for signs that they are too hot or becoming dehydrated. If they appear listless or not themselves, it’s time to leave and head to your vet.  So, you’ll want to be sure that your dog has a place to get out of the shade where they feel comfortable and safe. So, if you use a crate or a tent, be sure to get them accustomed to it before you head to the beach. 

dog in a car

Beach essentials for dogs crossing state lines

Remember that if you are crossing state lines on your trip to the beach, it’s very important to check the licensing rules of the state your visiting. Different states have different rules about the frequency of licensing and the types of immunizations your dog will need. So, you should also check with the beach you’re planning to visit. Not all beaches are dog-friendly. Some only allow animals in certain areas. And, some beaches do not allow pets at all.

Planning ahead can make your trip to the beach fun for everyone. Finally, print out this handy beach essentials checklist.

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