How to Choose Educational Bird Toys

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Do you have a selection of educational bird toys in your collection? Educational toys can keep your bird from becoming bored, much the way they help keep children from being bored.

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These toys can also help your bird solve puzzles and learn new skills. Here are some fun, educational toys for birds that you introduce to your pet.

How to Choose Educational Toys for Birds

Educational Bird Toys

When making your choice, consider that different types of birds may enjoy different toys.  You will want to take into consideration the size of your bird and the type of foods that they enjoy eating.

Chewing toys

Birds enjoy chewing and preening themselves, and if left with nothing to play with, they may turn to plucking their own feathers. To discourage this, chewing toys or shredding toys will give your bird something else to peck.

There are lots of great educational bird toys that you can add to your bird’s cage.

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A mirror

Birds are very social creatures, but you may not want to have two birds in your home. If you’d rather only have one bird, you can try adding a mirror to your bird’s cage so they see their reflection. If you have a smaller bird, any traditional bird mirror will work.

However, if you are adding a mirror to a larger bird’s cage, you will want to be certain that it’s stainless steel so that the force of their bite or peck doesn’t shatter it. Never use glass of any kind in your bird’s cage.

Food toys

Food toys are always popular with birds. You can offer a simple collection of treats on a string or try encouraging their instincts with a foraging toy.

Interactive toys for birds

Parrot musical toys are amazingly fun interactive toys for birds. Eventually, your bird may talk to it or even come to think of it as a friend. You can choose a simple bird bell or a more complicated sound toy that makes sounds when your bird presses a button.

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