Cutest Dog Jackets for Cold Weather

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Looking for dog jackets for cold weather? Check out this winter outerwear for dogs and protect your pup from cold weather.

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I just love stylish dog accessories. But, when the weather is bad and the temperature drops, your dog needs both style and warmth.

Cutest Dog Jackets for Cold Weather

One of the best ways to keep your warm in the winter is to get thermal dog coats or winter dog coats. These help to keep their core warm while they’re out in the snow.

And, if you pair them with a warm pair of dog booties, it’s a wonderful way to help them stay toasty outside.

There are lots of different types of dog clothes for cold weather. You can find a dog snow coat, dog vests for winter, and all types of cold weather gear for dogs.

Sometimes, pet subscription boxes like KitNNip Box will come with fun cold-weather gear for dogs.

Thermal dog coats

If you enjoy outdoor sports with your pup, this tends to be the warmest type of winter gear. They are comparable to a traditional winter jacket that you or I would wear. I like to find one that comes along with booties. Check them out here.

a black pug dog wearing a blue winter sweater

Winter dog coats

A traditional winter dog jacket will provide warmth for a walk or a short time outside. Depending on how cold it is, this may be all that your dog needs. 

There are lots of fun knit dog sweaters that work quite well in the colder weather. These tend to have lots of different styles and colors to choose from. Look at the selection

a dog wearing a yellow and green dog vest

Winter dog vests

Not all animals tolerate having “sleeves” on their legs. If this is the case with your pet, a vest may be the perfect option for you.

Vests help keep their core warm but give them the full range of motion that they’re used to. They come in lots of cute styles ranging from stylish to workwear. See them here.

How to choose dog jackets for cold weather

Style is only part of what you need to consider when choosing cold weather dog gear. 

  • Size – Be sure to measure around your dog’s stomach as well as their entire length. This will impact how the jacket will fit.
  • Temperature – Look at the rating on the jacket to see how warm it actually is. What you need for a quick walk in a temperate area will be different than what you need for a two-hour walk in the snow when it’s below zero.

Looking for dog jackets for cold weather? Check out this winter outerwear for dogs and protect your pup from cold weather.

  • Material – Do you need something that is waterproof or water-resistant?
  • Closures – Do you want a zipper closure? Or velcro? Depending on how long your dog’s hair is, velcro may be easier.
  • Booties – Do you want to have matching booties for your pet? These can really help protect your dog’s paws.

More accessories

While you’re dressing your pup to go outside, why not get him a stylish bandana and a new tag?

And, remember not all dog jackets need to be for warmth. If you want your dog to look cute and don’t need added warmth, check out these.

Learn more about winter dog walking and how cold is too cold for your dog.

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  1. These are way too cute! We brought our dogs from Australia over to the UK, so they definitely are not used to this cold weather and could use a jumper each

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